My Pregnancy

After finding out I was pregnant I thought it would be fun to document the changes in my body from week to week. I took my first "belly shot" when I was 12 weeks along, in May 2011. I also recorded pregnancy vlogs each week which documented my symptoms, doctors visits and more.


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  2. I love how you did your bump photos! I was doing bump pix weekly from the time my guy was a blueberry til about 30 weeks. I've majorly slacked off, and now at 36.5 weeks have hardly any updated pix. Really liked the nursery pix, thats a good idea! Enjoyed your post on The Bump today! We bought a set of 12 diapers and 24 inserts to get started along with disposables. Hubby is still very reluctant. I'm hoping to do more elimination communication and part-time cloth diapering eventually.

    1. Thank you! I was so obsessed with making sure I got all my pictures, but I did miss one week. You still have time to take a few more though! Good luck with the CDing and ECing. Harry is such a random pooper that EC would be so hard for us but I think the method is really neat!


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