Cloth Diapers

Here is an index of all my cloth diaper posts.

My cloth diaper stash
Hand washing cloth diapers
Ant's perspective on cloth diapering
Cloth diaper storage
Cloth diaper accessories
Cloth diapering overnight (our routine has changed a little so expect an updated post this month!)
My thoughts on different cloth brands
Updated cloth diaper stash (September, 2012)
Label Your Unmarked Cloth Diaper Inserts
Even more updated cloth diaper stash (December, 2012)

Here are my Cloth Diaper Month posts (August, 2012).

Cloth diaper styles
Why we cloth diaper (positives of cloth diapering)
Cloth diapering overnight- updated
Negatives of cloth diapering 
One size vs. sized diapers 
Cloth Diaper Laundry 
Cloth Diaper Resources 
Ant's updated perspective on cloth diapers
Other Green Things


  1. One of my biggest concerns was the washing... since it seems to vary so much depending on your water and such. I'm still a bit anxious about the choice we made. I am terrified of barnyard/ammonia smell!

    1. I will definitely be doing another laundry post and some trouble shooting tips! Thanks for the idea Olivia!

  2. Thank you so much Kath, sorry I didn't see this comment earlier!!

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