Welcome to The Accidental Wallflower!

This blog was started in June, 2011 as an offshoot of my paper crafting/DIY blog, La Georgia Paperie. I was pregnant at the time and wanted a space to talk about my pregnancy and every day life. 

Over the past two years TAW has evolved into a place where I share everything from crafts, recipes, safety tips, money saving ideas and photography how-tos. And of course tons of pictures of my son, Harry.

What’s with the blog’s name?

Ugh. I really don’t like The Accidental Wallflower. It’s such a mouthful! I chose it because of my social anxiety. Lame, huh? I’ve thought about changing it but I don’t think I ever will; coming up with blog names is not something I’m very good at!

Who’s who?

When writing about my life, I tend to focus on my husband and son. I feel weird writing too much about other people on my blog in case they’d rather not be featured. Sometimes I mention times spent with friends and family, other times I don’t.

So here’s just a little about my family.


That’s me! I was born in sunny Los Angeles and after touring the globe a few times by the age of six, my family settled in Wheaton, Illinois when I was in first grade. I consider Wheaton my hometown and graduated from high school there in 2003. That fall I moved to Columbia, Missouri and enrolled at Stephens College. I was really active on campus, participating in the swim team, residence life, student government and a sorority. I graduated from Stephens in 2007.

After graduation I moved back home to Wheaton and held various jobs in the retail industry. In April, 2011 I was working as an administrative assistant/bookkeeper for a store when the company restructured and my position was eliminated. I haven’t worked since then, but between being a mom and writing this blog, I stay plenty busy!

While I know I’m not the best writer in the world, I absolutely love blogging. Since I think I’m so awkward in real life I feel like this is my one outlet for being “normal.” I blog as a way to record memories for my family, but the perks are a fun bonus! I am very thankful for all the opportunities this blog has awarded me over the years.


That’s my husband! Ant, if you’re wondering, is just a nickname I gave him for the blog. He grew up in Palatine, Illinois and by chance moved to Columbia, Missouri the same time I did to attend the University of Missouri. In May, 2005 he was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. I was renting a house without cable at the time so I watched a lot of Wheel. I saw his episode and thought the shaggy haired boy from Mizzou was cute. A series of seemingly random events happened over the following months and by March, 2006 we were dating.

Ant proposed in 2009 and we moved to Roselle in November, 2010. We were married on December 3, 2010. He works as a writer/editor for a news organization in Chicago. His schedule is a little crazy, but it actually allows for him to spend more time with Harry, just at different times of the day compared to most dads.

Aside from work and family life, Ant enjoys all things pop culture, video games, baseball and the occasional night out with his buddies.

18 months old, May, 2013

That’s our awesome toddler! Harry was born November 7, 2011 after what ended up being a pretty complicated pregnancy (you can read his birth story here). He was a month early and spent nearly a week in the NICU. Which I know is a piece of cake compared to many parents, but it was still a very trying experience for us.

He’s absolutely thrived since coming home. He was a fairly easy baby and has turned in to a very curious toddler. He keeps us on our toes all day long and watching him learn and discover new things is second to none.

As of 18 months, some of his favorite things include: pointing out every car and airplane he sees, puzzles, Yo Gabba Gabba, running around outside, blueberries, green beans and yogurt. 

We don’t subscribe to one style of parenting. We just do whatever works for our family. A little attachment parenting mixed with more mainstream ideas and admittedly, a little helicoptering thrown in. As Harry’s grown I've noticed I have subscribed more and more to AP and natural ideals, but it isn't exclusive. I've come to find parenting is just as much about growing myself as it is helping Harry grow!
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