Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ivy's 1 Month Update

I am going to try my hardest to get an update up every month for Ivy, just as I did for Harry.


Weight: She was 6.5 pounds at her 2 week update, so I'd guess she's close to 8 pounds now. 
Height: Maybe 20 inches? I can definitely tell she's taller. We have our next doctor's appointment in about a month, so we'll get her official stats then.
Diaper Size: We have literally 7 newborn size diapers left, so after those are gone, we're going to try to move up to size 1. If those are too big we'll buy some more newborns. 
Clothing Size: Her newborn clothing is fitting her really well right now. A small part of me hopes she moves up to 0-3 size soon because we have so many cute outfits in that size. Her newborn wardrobe is small, and what we do have is pretty basic. 
Eating: She's eating at least 9 times a day right now... I know, it's tough to keep up! She is 100% formula fed at this point, which I'm 100% okay with. I actually did get the opportunity to breastfeed her right from the start, but we ended up having to supplement in the hospital because she was showing signs of dehydration. I also pumped for the first two weeks so she was getting sustenance every way possible. Then I had a change of heart because I felt so guilty giving Ivy more breast milk than I gave Harry (with him I pumped from weeks 2-4, and he got at most a bottle a day), so I made the choice to switch to formula full-time. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to nurse Ivy, but I'm confident in our decision to formula feed this time around. She typically eats 2 oz. at a time, but lately she's been hungry an hour after some feedings and will eat another 2 oz. I'm hesitant to make her 4 oz. bottles because I think we'd waste more than she'd eat. 
Sleeping: Sleep has no real pattern, I'm so looking forward to getting on a schedule with her! 
Teeth: Obviously she's got no teeth at this point. 

Here are some pictures from Ivy's first month. 

(First three courtesy of Kelbel Photography)

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