Saturday, January 16, 2016



The day before I took this picture he knocked his head on a chair. The bruise was big, but healed quickly.

School is going well. This semester he's in a math class once a week. He's very good with numbers and doing simple addition and subtraction, so I think he'll enjoy it. And we've already registered for his last year of preschool.

His hair is looking so much darker these days I think. He still has a little blonde streak on the back of his head, but in general he's not much of a blondie anymore. He never got super light hair, which I was surprised about. Ant had white blonde hair as a kid and my hair was on the lighter side, too.

The other day at lunch he picked up a piece of cheese and then said, "Oh, wait, I'm broccoli hungry," and the put the cheese down and grabbed some broccoli instead. I just thought the way he said it was super cute!

Eating has been a struggle lately. Well, I guess dinner always has been. Breakfast and lunch are always easy. He flat out refuses to eat dinner some nights. Even when I let him help me make it, which I thought would be motivation to try it! I guess not. I hate sending him to bed hungry, but I'm not going to make him a second dinner. And it's not like I make weird foods, he wouldn't eat a taco the other night! I heard about this plate that looks like a board game to try and encourage kids to eat, so we're going to try that.

We're still having issues with hitting and screaming when he gets mad. It's not every day though, and for a while it was, so that's an improvement!

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