Monday, November 7, 2016


Well, here we are again. Another year, another birthday. This is a big one, FIVE! A whole hand's worth of fingers. Harry is very excited about that.

As I made the decision to stop his monthly pictures, I'm pretty sure this was the last birthday photo shoot for our little boy. So I thought bringing it full circle and recreating our first one would be fun. It's not exact (no idea where the original cake stand is, and I couldn't find stripped party hats for the life of me), but close enough I think. Also, I finally got actual studio lights! No more relying on natural light and the camera flash. They worked really well.

Anyways, back to the birthday boy. I've said it before, but gosh, he is so sweet. Of course he has his moments, but the last few months specifically he's been such a joy. I will miss the days when he no longer comes up to me and says things like, "mom, you're the best!"

As far as his interests, he'd much rather watch the iPad than the TV. He's obsessed with the YouTube channel Ryan's Toy Review. He talks about Ryan allllll the tiiiiime. He also found Paw Patrol through YouTube, which is probably his current favorite show. It's also his birthday cake theme.

Harry also loves going to the park and playing with basketballs. He can color and draw for hours on end. He's actually very good and puts a lot of details into his drawings. We love reading books together and he knows the sounds that most of the letters make. The other day he actually sounded out the words "ball" and "sun" all on his own. I was so impressed! He'll be reading in no time.

Happy birthday, Harry! This last year saw a lot of changes in our family and you handled them so well. The upcoming year will be full of even bigger changes and challenges, and I'm excited to see how everything falls in to place. We love you!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

4.8, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11

Time once again for my once-quarterly blog post! SO much has changed for us in the last couple months, I hope to do a real update soon, but check my Instagram if you're curious about what's been going on with us. 

Here are the last 4 monthly pictures of Harry. I can't believe he will be 5, tomorrow! I also can't believe I was able to keep up the monthly pictures for so long, never missing one. But, I think it's finally time to retire them. After I take one on his birthday, of course. Most people only do these for a year, so I consider 5 quite the accomplishment. 



Here are a couple more recent pictures. First day of school and our visit to the pumpkin patch.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

Hello bloggy people! I swear, I didn't mean to abandon my blog for so long. I've been busy with other things and haven't had a moment to sit down to type up a post. But, I have still been taking Harry's monthly pictures!

If you want to keep up with us, I post on Instagram all the time and have been devoting a lot of my time and efforts into my YouTube channel again!




Harry is at such a great age. He's so curious about the world and his brain works in the funniest way. The other day he wrote out a shopping list and decided we didn't actually need milk, so instead of just crossing it off the list, he cut the entire line out of the paper. So funny! He does adorable stuff like that all the time.

Here's a video of him unboxing some Shopkins from  May.

And then here is a video of him singing his Mother's Day song he learned at school.

As far as some of the stuff he's now doing:

  • He can write pretty much the entire alphabet. Some letters give him trouble, but he's pretty much got them down. He loves practicing and writing words, so he's constantly asking me how to spell things.
  • He also loves coloring. He'd do it all day long if he could! Sometimes he colors a picture, and other times he'll take a blank piece of paper and draw his own. He loves drawing our town, with grass, train tracks and cars.
  • He amazes me with how good he is with math and numbers! A few weeks ago I asked him to count backwards from 20, and he surprised us by starting at 100 and counting all the way down to 0. I think I've mentioned it before, but he's very good at basic addition and subtraction. Especially when it comes to time. Say it's 11:08 and I'll say I'll start making his lunch in 15 minutes, he'll correct me and tell me it's only 12 minutes (we usually start lunch at 11:20). 
  • One funny thing he recently said... I got him some American flag jammies and told him he could wear the shirt for the fireworks on America's birthday. So he asked, "Does America eat cake?" LOL :)
  • The last couple weeks he's started taking naps again. He hasn't regularly taken naps since last year. I thought it might be a growth spurt at first, but it's been going on for a while, so I don't know. And he's so cute about it, he'll just be in his room playing and then decide he's tired so he'll curl up on his chair and fall alseep. All on his own, I've not asked him to nap. I'm glad he has been though, let's me get some stuff done during the day!
  • Speaking of naps, he took one yesterday, and I moved him from his chair to his bed. When I did it he talked to me a bit before falling right back to sleep. Later I asked if he remembered that I moved him, and he said, "No, my remembers are not perfect." Ha, the way he said it gave me a good chuckle!
At the end of May I asked him a few questions. I tried to write down exactly what he said for each one. 

What's your name? Harry
How old are you?  4 1/2
When's your birthday?  November 7, when I'm 5.
How old is dad?  He's 31 1/2.
How old is mom? 31.
What's your favorite color? Yellow green, yellow pink, yellow blue, yellow yellow.
What's your favorite food? Tuna
Who's your best friend? Anthony, because he stays inside the lines (when coloring).
What's your favorite show? Angry Birds
What's your favorite movie? Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
What's your favorite song? ABCD, it sings it on my piano.
What's your favorite animal? Daddy Lion (his stuffed animal he always sleeps with)
What are you scared of? The dark.
What makes you happy? Silly faces.
What's your favorite thing to do? I like to go to Pie Five.
What is mom's favorite thing to do You're favorite thing is best to work on your computer and play with me. 
What is dad's favorite thing to do? He's best at taking me out to places to go shopping. 
What do you want to be when you grow up? Of course I'm going to go to work, and a rock star!

Oh, and back in May he finished up his second year of preschool! Hard to believe this time next year we'll have a kindergartner on our hands! This summer we're staying busy with summer camp, swim lessons and library story times. It's been lots of fun!

Monday, February 8, 2016



He is looking so big these days!

A couple weeks ago there was this quiz going around on Facebook where you ask your kid questions about yourself. Ant and I asked Harry the questions and these are his answers.

Here's my interview with Harry.
1. What is something I always say to you? I love you.
2. What makes me happy? Cakes, you love cakes to eat. I love my cakes!
3. What makes me angry? When something I don't say very nice and when I don't listen like when I go to time out.
4. How do I make you laugh? Like something that you make me funny.
5. What was I like as a child? A grown up.
6. How old am I? 100!
7. How tall am I? Big.
8. What is my favorite thing to do? You like to make (paper) frogs with me.
9. What do I do when you're not around? Look for me.
10. What am I really good at? You're good at playing games with me.
11. What am I not very good at? You're not very good at putting makeup on. (haha, thanks, kid!)
12. What do I do for a job? You put makeup on.
13. What is my favorite food? You like to drink water.
14. What do you enjoy doing with me? Pie Five! (A pizza restaurant)

My number one goal as a parent is to make sure my son knows that I love him, so hearing him answer the first question made me feel like an okay parent, and made up for all the times when I feel like a crappy one. Although, I do wish he would have said something different for #11, haha! That one was personal!

Ant asked Harry the same questions a few hours after I did. We should have done it a day later, I think he was kind of confused being asked the same questions and gave the same answers multiple times.

1. What is something I always say to you? (He didn't answer this one)
2. What makes me happy? Sharing car soccer. (video game)
3. What makes me angry? When I don't listen to you and say bad things.
4. How do I make you laugh? Basketball when you play with my clock and dinosaur. (He has this little basketball hoop in his room and Ant pretends to put things in the hoop other than the ball sometimes.)
5. What was I like as a child? Me!
6. How old am I? 100!
7. How tall am I? Big.
8. What is my favorite thing to do? Playing the matching game.
9. What do I do when you're not around? You look for me.
10. What am I really good at? Playing the matching game, Candyland, Perfection, and puzzles.
11. What am I not very good at? Finding the good match in the matching game.
12. What do I do for a job? Take the train, your work computer has (a picture of) me on it.
13. What is my favorite food? Capital Grille. (our name for Hamburger Helper-type dishes)
14. What do you enjoy doing with me? Playing basketball in my room.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Fruitful Yield Get Fit-Get Healthy Expo

Earlier this week I was invited to go shopping at the Fruitful Yield in Elmwood Park, IL. The health food store is celebrating it's one year anniversary, and to celebrate all 13 Chicago area locations are hosting a Get Fit-Get Healthy Expo tomorrow and Sunday, January 23-24, 2016.

I've been shopping at the Bloomingdale Fruitful Yield for years and have always had a good experience at the store. When I got to the Elmwood Park location I was greeted by the manager, Tina, who gave me a quick tour of the store. 

The Fruitful Yield doesn't advertise, so the money saved is passed on to their customers. Tina explained that most of the store's pricing reflects the suggested retail price, along with the store's every day low price. I love how transparent the company is! And, it's so wonderful that they offer healthy food at a lower cost than other stores. 

As far as what they offer, for being a smaller store, Fruitful Yield has a great selection! The store is perfect for people who are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, or people who are just looking for good, wholesome, organic food. I was really impressed with their frozen food selection, I had never been to that section of the Bloomingdale store before. They also have a nice little produce section, filled with all sorts of fresh, organic fruits and veggies. One half of the store is dedicated to a very extensive selection of vitamins, supplements, personal care items and essential oils. 

While shopping I picked up a wide variety of foods to try, including dinner for that night- buffalo burgers and risotto. 

Ant and I fell in love with buffalo burgers while in college. Our senior year we discovered them at a local restaurant and haven't stopped talking about them for the past 9 years. Since moving back to Chicago I don't think either of us have have had another buffalo burger, so when I saw the patties at Fruitful Yield, I couldn't pass them up. I wish I would have gotten Ant's reaction to them when he first pulled them out of the grocery bag... pure, unadulterated joy! They cooked up really easily on our Foreman Grill and tasted delish! Next time I'm at the store I'm definitely picking up another box.

The risotto was also really good. I don't have much to compare it to- not sure if I've ever had it before- but it had a great flavor and cooked up easily on the stove. 

Oh, and I have to share a blast from the past I picked up. Kind of...

The new Zevia is basically Crystal Pepsi from the 90s! It's not my favorite, but I got a kick out of it! And those Glutino fudge covered pretzels I picked up? Freaking amazing! It took a lot of will power not to eat the entire bag in one sitting.

So, as you can probably tell, the Fruitful Yield is a great store! If you're in the area, be sure to check them out if you haven't already. And don't forget about the Get Fit-Get Healthy Expo happening this weekend! All the stores will be hosting giveaways, cooking demos, guest speakers and tons of free samples. The Expo runs from 10am-4pm on Saturday and 12-4pm on Sunday.

Disclaimer: Fruitful Yield provided me with a gift card and swag bag for shopping at their store and writing this blog post. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016



The day before I took this picture he knocked his head on a chair. The bruise was big, but healed quickly.

School is going well. This semester he's in a math class once a week. He's very good with numbers and doing simple addition and subtraction, so I think he'll enjoy it. And we've already registered for his last year of preschool.

His hair is looking so much darker these days I think. He still has a little blonde streak on the back of his head, but in general he's not much of a blondie anymore. He never got super light hair, which I was surprised about. Ant had white blonde hair as a kid and my hair was on the lighter side, too.

The other day at lunch he picked up a piece of cheese and then said, "Oh, wait, I'm broccoli hungry," and the put the cheese down and grabbed some broccoli instead. I just thought the way he said it was super cute!

Eating has been a struggle lately. Well, I guess dinner always has been. Breakfast and lunch are always easy. He flat out refuses to eat dinner some nights. Even when I let him help me make it, which I thought would be motivation to try it! I guess not. I hate sending him to bed hungry, but I'm not going to make him a second dinner. And it's not like I make weird foods, he wouldn't eat a taco the other night! I heard about this plate that looks like a board game to try and encourage kids to eat, so we're going to try that.

We're still having issues with hitting and screaming when he gets mad. It's not every day though, and for a while it was, so that's an improvement!

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