Wednesday, November 25, 2015


(I hate how late I'm getting this update out. For the time being I plan on continuing them!)

Here are a bunch of funny things Harry's said the month before he turned 4.

- "Awww, I didn't score. Bad woo hoo!" When playing Rocket League on PS4.
- "I'm just so sad it's not Friday."
- "Is my dad gonna come to school?" (for the Halloween party)
  "No, he'll be at work."
  *huge eye roll* "Again?"
- "I had a rough day today."
  "Because some of the people weren't there for the candy." (on Halloween, after trick-or-treating)
- "I just want to drive the car. It's only a one-time thing." (He had on a shirt, undies and shoes. He had grabbed my keys and was legit heading out the door. When I asked where he was going he said he wanted to drive to Meijer by himself to buy "just one thing.")

- One day he decided he wanted to save a string cheese for the next day. He took one out of the fridge, grabbed a Ziplock bag and put it on the front of of the fridge with a magnet. I didn't see it for a couple of hours, and he was so sad when I told him we had to throw it away.

- I bought a bunch of hand soaps from Bath & Body Works and for a couple days he kept lining them up and calling it a dam. So he talked about dams almost non-stop for a week. We got a little chuckle out of that.

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