Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Murder Mystery Dinner- Noir She Didn't!

The last weekend in August Ant and I were able to sneak away for a little date night. Our second of the summer, a new record for us! Earlier in the month I was invited by the Murder Mystery Co. to take part in one of their murder mystery shows, after looking into it, Ant and I couldn't wait to go!

My only experience with murder mystery games has been watching the Murder episode of The Office- one of my favorites from the later seasons. And I'm sure I played Clue a few times when I was younger.


The Murder Mystery Co. offers dinner shows in three locations around Chicago. Two locations in the city, and one in Oakbrook Terrace, which is where we saw our show, at the Millhurst Charhouse.
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Our show was a 1920/30s theme called Noir She Didn't! To add to the theme of the event, the company encourages attendees to dress up in costume. We didn't dress up, but about half the attendees showed up as flappers and gangsters. At the end of the night one couple at our table was awarded Best Dressed, they really went all out with a pinstripe suit and even a fake cigar!

From the time we got to the restaurant the cast was in character, and before we got our seats we got our mugshots taken!

We were then seated at our table, which we shared with four other couples. Before the show started we read through all the information we were given.

Once everyone was seated (there were probably 120 people in attendance), the performance began and we were served dinner. Prior to the show we picked our dinner online. There were 3 options to choose from, pasta, fish, or chicken. Both Ant an I ordered the chicken, which was served with rice and veggies. Simple, but tasty! The rice had a really unique flavor that we both loved.

After dinner more rules of the game were explained. Each table was to work together as a team, and one member from each team was cast as a suspect. Ant was the chosen one from our team, and he was the suspect Joey Ice.

We then spent a good majority of the night talking with other suspects and gathering as many clues as we could. There were also a few times the suspects were all brought to the front for questioning by the police. The cast also made the rounds making sure we got as much information as possible.

After dessert- a delicious piece of chocolate cake, it was time to solve the murder! Each team had to name the suspect we thought did it, along with their motive and opportunity. Our team didn't win, which we blamed on not talking to the right suspects enough. With over 10 suspects, it was hard to get to everybody!

Despite not winning the game, we had a really nice time. The game got a little confusing at points, especially when some of the suspects went off on tangents that didn't have anything to do with the murder we were trying to solve. However, the cast was awesome at reeling them in and getting the right information out to everyone.

If you're in the area and are looking for a fun date night or night out with friends, check out the Murder Mystery Co.! It's something different than the typical dinner and a movie, and they've got quite a few shows playing in the next couple months. The cast were terrific and really made sure everyone had a fun time.

Disclaimer: The Murder Mystery Co. provided me with Gold Circle tickets to one show. All alcohol purchased was paid for by me. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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