Friday, September 11, 2015


So, it just hit me that in less than 2 months we will have a 4 year old...


I mentioned in last month's update that Harry's really gotten in to coloring. Well, about a week ago we discovered It's a site where you can print off different coloring pages and I don't think he's stopped asking for new ones to color! We've done Toy Story, Curious George, Frozen, and more.

He calls me his "best girl," which is like the cutest ever.

He's known the days of the week for a while now, but recently he learned the order of the days. He recites them at every chance he gets.

Somersaults! I don't remember if I ever posted about them, but he learned how to do them earlier in the summer. He only does them on our bed, but he's gotten very good! This might not be that big of an accomplishment, but I have never in my life been able to do one (although I used to do a mean cartwheel)! I thought Harry would take after me in that aspect (as he seems to with most things), but I'm so glad he learned how to do one. Having him hold a Kleenex with his chin was the trick.

I know I mentioned a long time ago about how Harry loves when it's 4:44 on the clock. He still does! He gets so excited to see his favorite time. If he looks at the clock at 4:42 or 4:43 he'll call us over and we have to wait and watch the clock until it's time, LOL!

He's started doing this weird thing when answering questions. Say we ask him what kind of fruit he wants for lunch. He'll go through every fruit in the house. With the fruits he doesn't want he'll say, "Kiwi... dent! Strawberries... dent! Apples... dent!" And then when he gets to the fruit he does want he'll go, "Cantelope... ding!" He does this with everything, it's rather humorous.

Harry has officially discovered video games. Rocket League to be exact. It's the car soccer game that was a free download for PS4. He loves it! At first he would just drive his car around the field, but just this week he's really started playing. In one game he managed to score 4 goals! I don't love that he's gotten in to it (I think he's too young still), but Ant does of course. It's something fun for them to do together.

Swimming is still going well. We have a few more weeks before we call it quits for the season. At his last lesson he went under the water a few times, which was a big accomplishment. He's been resisting it all summer! I posted a video of one of his lessons here if you'd like to see.

Here's another video of Harry. We were making a video for Ant's fantasy football league so I thought I'd ask Harry a few questions. It turned out kinda cute :)

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