Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Swimming Lessons

Hello, all!

Just wanted to pop in with a little video I shot of Harry at his swim lesson this week. His class usually has 2 other kids, but they were older and are now back in school, so he got a private lesson this week.

He's made some awesome improvements this summer. I'm so proud of him!

He usually wears a rash guard and decided this week he didn't want to (I'd guess 30-40% of the boys I've seen at the pool wear them). At the end of the video you'll see he struggles to pull himself out of the pool. He's never had a problem doing that, so I think it's because he wasn't wearing the rash guard. I asked him about it after class and he agreed, and wants to wear it again next week.

But, this week he got his first patch! For mastering the back float- it's the way the swim club rewards achievements. He was so excited to show it off :)

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