Monday, August 3, 2015

My Etsy Shop- That Crazy Georgia

Last year I did something I'd toyed with doing for a long time... open an Etsy shop! Now that it's been up and running for a while I'm more comfortable talking about it and wanted to share it with you. My shop is called That Crazy Georgia and exclusively sells cross stitch patterns. All patterns are in PDF form and are sent to your email digitally for download. It's been learning experience, but has also been a lot of fun.

Here are some of the designs I've created!

Here Comes the Sun

My most popular pattern! The Beatle's classic song popped in to my head one day, along with the idea for a cross stitch pattern.

Chanel No. 5

Who doesn't love Coco Chanel? What an innovator for the fashion industry, and women in business. That little bottle of Chanel No. 5 was a gift from my dad over 15 years ago. He bought it for me on a business trip to Paris. It's still about half full, because honestly, the perfume is too mature smelling for me. But I love it nonetheless :)

California Gurls

An homage to one of my favorite singers, Katy Perry. This one was a lot of fun to design, and of course I stitched it while listening to Katy on Spotify!

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

My take on a popular quote with an ombre twist. This one takes a long time to finish because literally every square is filled in, but the end result is worth it I think!

Interlocking Hearts

A simple design, but it makes quite the impact I think!

Geometric Tree

My newest design, a funky, modern woodland scene.

There are a bunch more patterns on my page, too! Cross stitching is really a lot of fun. I got back in to it last year and barely go a week without picking up my needle and thread. If you like to cross stitch, or know someone who does, I'd love it if you took a look at my shop, That Crazy Georgia!

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