Monday, July 13, 2015


It took a bribe of 5 M&Ms (to be eaten in his room) to get this month's picture! It's not that Harry hates taking pictures, quite the opposite lately, he's always asking me to pull out my camera, but he insists on only taking silly face pictures, LOL! 


Some more typical poses these days...

My little goofball :)

Along with swim lessons, Harry is also enrolled in summer camp. It's run through a local preschool (different from the one he attends), and the "counselor" is a teacher. The kids do crafts, read stories and play- mostly inside because it's been so cold and rainy lately. Harry's enjoyed it, I was scared he was going to have a hard time with drop off, but it's been fine. He does like to say, "Don't forget to pick me up!" before I leave, not sure where that came from since that's never happened (knock on wood!). This camp is over soon, and we've signed up for another session that goes through mid-August.

Over the last month or so he has started getting dressed all on his own. He's been able to do his pants for a while, but just recently he learned how to get his shirts on without help. One day he literally took his shirt off and put it back on a dozen times just for fun :)

He can also go potty all by himself. Washing hands used to give him some trouble, but he's finally tall enough to reach the faucet. He also gets a kick out of dispensing the soap in to his hands. Mr. Independent!

Harry thinks bar codes are awesome. He loves to take an item and "pay" for it at the price checker at Target. He recently discovered that pretty much everything has a bar code and points them out with total excitement every time he finds one.

At night I'll always say something like, "Love you, sweetheart," or "See you tomorrow, Sweetheart." Harry has started saying the same exact thing back to me, which is adorable!

One of his favorite things to point out while we're driving is cherry pickers. He thinks they're so cool. Really any kind of construction equipment is so exciting to him, but the cherry pickers get the biggest reaction. And if we see a person working in the cherry picker? OMG, forget about it! It's almost better than Christmas morning for him.

Speaking of Christmas.... he's convinced that every day is Christmas lately. This totally came out of left field. He wants to pull the tree out and decorate it and make cookies for Santa. And last night he asked to read the Berenstain Bear's Christmas book before bed!

A few more pictures...

From our trip to Santa's Village Amusement Park.... it was so rainy that day! But we had lots of fun :)

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