Friday, May 15, 2015

Last Day of School

So yesterday was Harry's last day of his first year of preschool. I can't believe how fast the year went by!

This picture is so typical Harry, LOL!

I am so glad we decided to send Harry to school this year. It was good for him. There was a little rough patch in February and March where he cried at drop off every day, but we eventually found a way to make the process go smoothly. Instead of going straight to my car after leaving, I'd go to the window to wave goodbye. A simple solution, and Harry loved waving back to me.

My main goal for the year was to get Harry more comfortable around kids his age. I think he made a lot of progress, which makes me so happy. I remember the second or third week of school he was so excited to tell me he actually talked to one of his classmates, and now he talks about it like it's NBD.

For the last day the kids had an hour of "regular" class, Harry said they went and looked at the big kid classrooms for next year, and then they went outside to the playground and got to run around. All the parents were invited to come and hang out as well. Ant worked the night shift this week so he was able to come, too. After a quick outdoor snack, we all went back to the classroom and the kids got to dance and sing to their favorite songs one last time. Then, their teachers surprised them with a little ice cream treat and individualized scrapbooks for all the kids. The book is seriously so precious! Tons of pictures along with hand and foot prints, drawings and questionnaires.

To celebrate a great year, the three of us went out to Omega for lunch. Just like we on the first day of school. For whatever reason (the ice cream...cough...cough), Harry would not sit still at the restaurant and barely touched his lunch. The joys of bringing a 3 year old to a restaurant! However, right before bedtime last night Harry put himself in time out, and then when he decided he was done (I kept telling him he didn't have to be in time out), he came over and apologized for not behaving at the restaurant. I mean, come on, is that not the sweetest thing ever!?!

Harry is sad that school is over, he said he wanted to go for more days. But, we've got summer camp starting soon, and we're hoping to meet up with a friend for some play dates soon. And of course a new preschool class in the fall.

Just for fun, the first day versus the last day.

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