Tuesday, May 12, 2015


AKA... 3 and a half!


- He told me what letters are on a stop sign, and he randomly said, "t-o-y spells toy." And the other day we were out shopping and saw a cup with the word DAD on it. I showed it to him and he told me what it spelled.

- He crawled in bed with us the other night. In the morning Ant told Harry that it was crowded in the bed with all 3 of us. Harry quickly replied, "no, all 5 of us." Referring to the cat and the stuffed animal he brought with him. We were pretty impressed with how quickly he seemed to add 3+2 in his head!

- Potty training has been going great! Yay! He is 100% out of diapers at home (not counting when he sleeps) and we are now working on being potty trained outside of the home. Harry has worn undies to school for a few weeks now and that's been fine. The other day we did a quick lunch at Whole Foods and will be doing longer outings soon. It is so wonderful to finally see the light at the end of the potty training tunnel!

- Harry knows the difference between right and left. I was surprised at how well he understood the concept. He knows which foot is which, and when we're driving he'll ask if we're going to be turning right or left, and he'll call you out if you try to trick him!

- We had a parent-teacher conference at school. Harry even got his first report card! His teacher was pleased with his progress this year (hard to believe the school year is almost over!). He's usually pretty quiet in class but she can tell he absorbs most of the information that is being taught.

- He has been very defiant lately. A total "three-nager" as they say! He'll flat out refuse to do something, even if we threaten consequences. Like, if he's not listening and decides to run around the house when it's time to go brush his teeth before bed, we'll take away a bedtime story. And then of course, as soon as he calms down he tells us that he wants to listen and be good now. Sometimes we'll reinstate a story, but we really do try to stay firm with our consequences. It's hard, but important to not always give in!

He loves wearing blankets as super hero capes and running round trying to save us

I had no idea Harry knew what planking was... internet sensation of 2011

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