Monday, April 13, 2015


How many times can I say I can't believe how big he's getting?!?! But seriously, he's nearly three and a half!


-Last month I mentioned Harry's new obsession with Toy Story. Well, that obsession is as strong as ever. He presses his belly button and yells, "To Infinity and Beyond!" at least a dozen times a day. He knows every character and when I asked him to stop jumping on his bed, his response was, "But Andy does it!"

It's cute to see him so excited over something, especially something I loved as a kid (granted, the first movie came out when I was 10). The Easter Bunny spoiled Harry this year and brought him all three movies (I hear it was this set- which appears to be a European version, but we've had no problem playing them in our PS3). Toy Story 2 is his current favorite, he loves Jessie and Bullseye.

Also Toy Story related... he was the calendar helper at school one day, and he told his teachers he was, instead, the Buzz Lightyear Helper.

-He finally discovered Spongebob Squarepants. I was hoping to keep him away from that show for a while longer. But, he got a little Spongebob toy in a Happy Meal and then saw him pop up on Hulu. I had honestly never seen an episode of the show. I was under the impression that it was crass humor, like Ren and Stimpy. But, fortunately, it's not nearly as bad. The animation looks similar, but it's not that bad of a show. At least from the 5 episodes they have on Hulu right now.

-I am happy to report that we've made some huge strides in potty training this month! Finally! The week of spring break we hunkered down at home and went diaperless most of the time. I had been apprehensive about doing that because I didn't want to clean up pee every other minute, but it really works! He hasn't been 100% accident free, but he's done really well. The next step is to start leaving the house with underwear on. Crossing my fingers that goes well!

-He's been back talking a lot this month. Yes, at only three years old! His new thing is to yell, "NEVER!" when we ask him to come sit down for dinner, pick up his toys, etc. I have no idea where that came from. Not too happy he has picked up that habit!!

- On the opposite side of the behavior spectrum, a few times after I've put him to bed he'll randomly call out, "Mom, I love you! Come give me a hug." Awwwww.... :)

P.S. We've had so much fun with that matching game! If you have a three year old, I can't recommend one enough.

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