Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Vernon Hills' Winter Wonderland

Our family started 2015 off with a little leftover Christmas cheer. Friday night we drove up to Vernon Hills to experience their annual Winter Wonderland Christmas light show.

We'd been talking about going up there for a couple years but never did for one reason or another. Then last week Ant saw that this would most likely be the last year for the show, so we made it a point to visit before it was too late.

It really was something! The light show is on the grounds of a mansion (it was featured in My Best Friend's Wedding, apparently), and featured thousands of lights. We got there right as the show opened, and still had to wait in line for about a half hour before entering.

Once we got on the grounds I switched to the backseat and took Harry out of his car seat so he could see the lights, too. The show is meant to be seen from your car, and we were literally going at idle speed. It took about a half hour to drive through the whole thing and, as I said, it was really something! I'm glad we got to experience it.

Here are a few pictures. They don't do the show justice!

After we were done, Harry begged to go back through. He loved the lights so much! 'Twas cute :). We were all starving on the way back home and pulled in to the first restaurant we could find- a Denny's. Breakfast for dinner all around!

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