Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The last month will officially be known as the sickest month ever- and not in the cool, rock n' roll way.


-So, his sickness. I mentioned he was sick over Christmas. We thought he was getting better. And he really seemed to be, except for a nasty cough at night. Last Sunday night he coughed himself awake and threw up because of the excessive, forceful coughing. Luckily, we had a follow-up hearing test at the doctor's scheduled for the next morning, so I mentioned the cough during the appointment.

As usual, Harry failed the hearing test. But this time it was because there's a bunch of fluid in his ears. Poor little guy! So, he was put on a round of antibiotics. His first. Was all going fine, until yesterday. He woke up with a huge rash all over his body. Google told us it was due to the antibiotics, and talking with the nurse confirmed it. So, now we're off the meds. Ugh, can't the poor kid catch a break?!?

- On a funnier note, he's weirdly obsessed with time right now. He's constantly asking me what time is it, and looking around to find a clock. He's getting pretty good at telling time (on a digital clock, of course), although I don't think he fully gets the concept quite yet.

- He's been asking to watch a movie almost every day. If he had his way, it'd be all Frozen, all the time! His other favorite is probably Monsters, Inc., but we've also watched Cars, Planes and Shrek 2 (we don't have the first one). We need to get Toy Story, I bet he'd love that one!

- A couple cute things he's said:
    "Today I feel a little better, tomorrow I'll feel a big better."
    "I want a regular happy meal with chicken nuggets, that's good for my throat."

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