Saturday, December 26, 2015



- I'm not going to even sugarcoat it... Harry has been very defiant lately. It's been very frustrating. He hasn't been listening well and gets very upset when a consequence for not listening is given. I know he knows what's right and what's wrong, but he likes pushing our buttons!

-He loves numbers and time, and recently counted all the way up to 300 all by himself. He was so proud of himself, but said he didn't want to count to 300 any more because it took too long, ha! He regularly counts up to 100.

-He's been very conscious of what's for boys and what's for girls lately. This totally came out of nowhere because I've always made it a point to never assign gender to things. But, according to Harry, when there's double doors on a building, one is for boys, and one is for girls. There are other things too, and we always try to tell him everything is for both boys and girls.

- Harry has been so curious about cooking this month! He always wants to help make dinner and gets so excited when he can pour ingredients in a bowl or stir something together. It's fun having a little helper!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


(I hate how late I'm getting this update out. For the time being I plan on continuing them!)

Here are a bunch of funny things Harry's said the month before he turned 4.

- "Awww, I didn't score. Bad woo hoo!" When playing Rocket League on PS4.
- "I'm just so sad it's not Friday."
- "Is my dad gonna come to school?" (for the Halloween party)
  "No, he'll be at work."
  *huge eye roll* "Again?"
- "I had a rough day today."
  "Because some of the people weren't there for the candy." (on Halloween, after trick-or-treating)
- "I just want to drive the car. It's only a one-time thing." (He had on a shirt, undies and shoes. He had grabbed my keys and was legit heading out the door. When I asked where he was going he said he wanted to drive to Meijer by himself to buy "just one thing.")

- One day he decided he wanted to save a string cheese for the next day. He took one out of the fridge, grabbed a Ziplock bag and put it on the front of of the fridge with a magnet. I didn't see it for a couple of hours, and he was so sad when I told him we had to throw it away.

- I bought a bunch of hand soaps from Bath & Body Works and for a couple days he kept lining them up and calling it a dam. So he talked about dams almost non-stop for a week. We got a little chuckle out of that.

Friday, November 13, 2015

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

Fashion is something I've always enjoyed. More specifically, I enjoy looking at fashionable people wearing fashion. But, I've always struggled with putting together a nice outfit for myself. 

2015 has been a year of reinvention for me, and after tackling makeup and weight loss, my next project is, you guessed it, fashion. I really want to step up my game. Maybe knock my yoga pants habit down to 3 days a week? Ehhh, that might be pushing it :). 

So when Gordmans asked if I wanted to partner up for their 100th anniversary, I knew it was time to get serious about this fashion thing. And starting literally from the ground up sounded like the perfect way to go. 

My feet are pretty messed up, and I just want them to be pretty! I have heel spurs and I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis for over five years now. I typically stick to wearing Crocs and Uggs, depending on the time of year. Losing weight has helped the situation, and now that it's cool outside, my spurs aren't acting up as much (the worst time of year for my feet is at the beginning of summer).

So, to kick start (see what I did there) my new #fashiongoals, I ordered two awesome pairs of boots from Gordmans' website.

The first pair I picked is a cute, zip-up style called the Bobbie Buckle Bootie from Very Cherry

very cherry boots

I've seen this style on so many people and have always loved the look. I'm happy to finally have a pair of my own! They kind of have a flocked, almost velvety texture, which is really pretty and different from the standard leather look. I also love how slouchy they are, like they've been broken in and worn for a long time. So cozy and comfy looking! The leg openings are wide enough to fit jeans in comfortably, but the boots feel nice and secure everywhere else.

Of the two pairs I've worn these the most, mainly because they're so easy to slip on. They've also been pretty comfortable. I haven't worn them on any long walks or anything, but while running short errands around town they've been just fine.

very cherry boots

The other pair I ordered were some lace-up Bethany Wedge Booties from Dr. Scholl's

dr. scholl's boots

Love these ones so much! They're so comfortable, lots of good arch support. They came with two pairs of laces, the ones in the picture and a lighter pair. I personally like the look of the darker laces, but it's nice that the shoes came with options. They're a suede material and feel really well constructed, I can tell these are going to last me a long time! I also like how easy to walk in they are, I've worn heels less than 5 times in the last 5 years, and I feel very confident walking in these. 

dr. scholl's boots

And the one thing I love about both pairs... they'll look horrible with yoga pants! Jeans and leggings are the way to go with these I think. I'm really excited to start putting together some cute outfits.

If you're a long-time lover of fashion, or are just getting started, give Gordmans a try. They have over 100 locations in 22 states, and of course you can always order from their website. If you're not familiar with Gordmans, they're a discount retailer that sell a variety of different goods, like clothing, shoes, housewares, and toys. Browsing through their website I think they have a great selection of products. Especially for women's boots, there were at least five different pairs I would have liked to try!

And as I mentioned earlier in this post, the company is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. So, Happy Anniversary Gordmans! With companies constantly restructuring and being bought out these days, I'd say that's a pretty big accomplishment! According to their website, the company started out as one store in Omaha, Nebraska all the way back in 1915. 

Be sure to sign up for Gordmans' email list, they'll periodically send out coupons for even more savings that can be used in-store or online.

Disclaimer: Gordmans provided me with a gift card to purchase something from their website in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


My sweet boy turns four today. Time has just flown by these last years, and it still feels like I was newly pregnant, but at the same time, it feels like he's always been a part of our lives. Crazy how that works, isn't it?

My can't-call-him-a-toddler-anymore boy has grown so much over the last year. At three, he was still in diapers, taking daily naps, and he had no idea what a PlayStation even was. Now, he's in undies all day, hardly ever takes naps, and works the PlayStation better than me (he can grab a DVD, put it in and play the movie now).

He's generally a sweet, happy boy. At home he'll talk our ears off, but from what his teachers have said, he's more soft spoken at school. He observes everything, and is the most detail-oriented person I know.

He can count all the way to 30, can write his name, mom and dad. He can actually write most of the letters, but hasn't tried putting them into words yet.

Sending him to school a year early was truly the best thing we could have done for him. Now, school's old news and he loves being in 3 different classes and eating lunch with his friends. I had a parent/teacher conference with his main teacher the other day and she had nothing but good things to say about Harry. He listens well in class, stays focused, and is right on track developmentally.

I asked Harry what was his favorite thing about being 3. He said, to no surprise, Toy Story. He knows all 3 movies (and the Halloween special) by heart. The other day he walked up to me with his head tilted to the side and exclaimed, "I'm Picasso!" Just like Mr. Potato Head in the first movie.

If you asked me the same question, I'd probably say how far he came in his swim lessons over the summer. It was really amazing to watch him progress from someone who'd never swam before, to someone who kicked and floated like a pro.

I wasn't going to do a birthday photoshoot this year, but Harry brought it up last month and really wanted to do it. We had a lot of fun last week taking the pictures.

So, happy birthday to my favorite boy. It might not always be easy, but it's always worth it, and I love you more and more every day.

And of course, here's a comparison shot of his birthdays.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween from Woody

I know it's a day early, but I couldn't resist sharing these pictures today. So, Happy Halloween from Sheriff Woody!

diy woody costume

2015 has definitely been the year of Toy Story around here, and Harry decided he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween months ago. Then over the summer he had a change of heart, and wanted to be Jessie. Then switched back to Buzz a month later.

I Googled and Googled DIY Buzz costumes and the whole thing just seemed so intimidating to me. Plus, I wasn't sure how the wings would hold up through a preschool Halloween party.I found an adorable Buzz costume on the Disney Store's website, so I asked Harry if he wanted to buy his costume, or if he wanted me to make it. He said he wanted me to make it. Awww... and as I'm never one to crush dreams, I suggested we make a Woody costume instead, and he loved the idea. So, that day we went to the store to get the supplies so he couldn't change his mind again.

The costume was pretty easy to put together and turned out so cute! I made the vest from a McCall's pattern and the belt was my own design. Everything else I purchased, either Target or Amazon. 

Oh, and here's my favorite part of the whole costume.

The pull string! I tried to be as authentic as I could with the costume. The only thing that isn't exact is his shirt. I couldn't find a yellow and red plaid shirt, but I think the yellow one works just as well.

diy toy story costume

diy woody costume

We're crossing our fingers that the weather holds up tomorrow so we can go trick-or-treating. Even if it rains, I think we'll at least hit a couple houses in the neighborhood since we didn't get to go at all last year (weather was terrible and Harry was sick).

Have a great Halloween!

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Friday, October 16, 2015


His 4th birthday is officially less than a month away! It is so true what they say, the days are long, but the years are short.


- One thing Harry is really into these days is matching. Particularly with colors. He wants his cup to be the same color as his plate during meals, and he noticed the other day that his shoes and my shirt were both yellow and matched. And then proceeded to point out every other yellow thing in the room. He has these little foam sticker kit where he can make little people. He used to just put whatever shirt and pants on them, but lately I've noticed that he always does the same color top and bottom.

- I can't even tell you how many Band-Aid boxes we've gone through this year. Any time he gets a little boo-boo he asks for one, and freaks out if we say no. We're trying to teach him that only certain boo-boos need Band-Aids, but they always make him miraculously feel better. Funny little quirk of his :)

- School is going well. He's adjusted to the longer school day just fine. He enjoys bringing his lunchbox and eating with his friends. His class just went on their first field trip to the fire and police departments, which he seemed to enjoy. Apparently a dad of one of his classmates is a firefighter and Harry mentioned how so-and-so's dad talked like Darth Vader on the field trip. I'm assuming he put one of those big ventilator masks on to show the kids.

- If you give Harry free range over the PlayStation, he'll either play the car soccer video game I mentioned last update, or turn on Curious George on Netflix. And, side note, a three year old is better at navigating the PlayStation than I am! Harry taught me how to turn the system off the other week. I seriously had no idea....

- Anyways, Curious George. Harry's current favorite show. Our local PBS station was hosting a concert at the mall a few weeks ago and the special guest was George. We went and had a fun time! Harry was so excite to get to take pictures with George. Although, I think he was a little confused that George was so big, lol!

- A few funny things he's said lately:
   "My eyes are right by my forehead." He just said it so randomly, and matter-of-factly one day.
   "I need a paper so the fan can windy the paper." In other words, he wanted a fan to blow a piece of paper around the room, haha! What a funny way to put that!
   "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR, BLASTOFF, ZERO!" He just put everything he knows about counting backwards together, haha!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sonny Acres Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we took our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch. Sonny Acres Farm, like last year. I remember last year it being super crowded the day we went, but the farm was pretty much empty this year. It was nice not having to wait in line for any of the rides!

I got a new camera last month (I saved up all year for it!) and this was the first time I took it out, so I got a bunch of pictures.

After the first two rides, we had a few tickets left over and Harry decided to go on the horses. I thought he was going to change his mind, but he saw a little boy about his age riding one and having a great time, so he decided to go for it.

He did a really great job! He held on the whole time, and while we could tell he wasn't totally loving it, he didn't freak out. He said the ride was "too bumpy," so I don't know that he'd get back on one anytime soon, but I'm proud of him for trying it. I'm a notorious horse riding-hater, so I wouldn't have been surprised if Harry freaked out up there.

After the horse ride, we walked around the farm and eventually picked out our pumpkins.

Harry and Ant picked out 2 big pumpkins and I opted to get 6 tiny gourds. I just think those are so cute! Harry also found a little jar of blackberry jam in the gift shop.

And just like I did in last year's pumpkin patch post, here's a comparison of Harry over the last 4 years. I hope Harry let's me buy him a Halloween themed shirt until he graduates high school!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First Day of School

We are now two weeks in to the new school year, so it's about time I post about his first day. 

Harry started his second year of preschool last week and so far so good. He is also attending extension classes, so he'll be at school for 4 hours a day, double what he was doing from last year. Still 2 days a week. One of the extension classes focuses on the alphabet and pre-reading, while the other will build on what he learned in his main class that week. 

He even gets to eat lunch at school now, which he's very excited about. 

Here are some pictures from the first day. I didn't get many, as it was raining and Harry wasn't in the picture-taking mood.


Ant's working a crazy schedule this month and he happened to be off on Harry's first day so we both got to drop him off. After we picked him up we went to MOD Pizza for lunch (extension classes didn't start until this week so he hadn't eaten yet). I think he was a little overwhelmed with his new class and that was the least fun lunch ever. Oh well, 3 year olds are unpredictable, aren't they?

Here's to a great school year!

Friday, September 11, 2015


So, it just hit me that in less than 2 months we will have a 4 year old...


I mentioned in last month's update that Harry's really gotten in to coloring. Well, about a week ago we discovered It's a site where you can print off different coloring pages and I don't think he's stopped asking for new ones to color! We've done Toy Story, Curious George, Frozen, and more.

He calls me his "best girl," which is like the cutest ever.

He's known the days of the week for a while now, but recently he learned the order of the days. He recites them at every chance he gets.

Somersaults! I don't remember if I ever posted about them, but he learned how to do them earlier in the summer. He only does them on our bed, but he's gotten very good! This might not be that big of an accomplishment, but I have never in my life been able to do one (although I used to do a mean cartwheel)! I thought Harry would take after me in that aspect (as he seems to with most things), but I'm so glad he learned how to do one. Having him hold a Kleenex with his chin was the trick.

I know I mentioned a long time ago about how Harry loves when it's 4:44 on the clock. He still does! He gets so excited to see his favorite time. If he looks at the clock at 4:42 or 4:43 he'll call us over and we have to wait and watch the clock until it's time, LOL!

He's started doing this weird thing when answering questions. Say we ask him what kind of fruit he wants for lunch. He'll go through every fruit in the house. With the fruits he doesn't want he'll say, "Kiwi... dent! Strawberries... dent! Apples... dent!" And then when he gets to the fruit he does want he'll go, "Cantelope... ding!" He does this with everything, it's rather humorous.

Harry has officially discovered video games. Rocket League to be exact. It's the car soccer game that was a free download for PS4. He loves it! At first he would just drive his car around the field, but just this week he's really started playing. In one game he managed to score 4 goals! I don't love that he's gotten in to it (I think he's too young still), but Ant does of course. It's something fun for them to do together.

Swimming is still going well. We have a few more weeks before we call it quits for the season. At his last lesson he went under the water a few times, which was a big accomplishment. He's been resisting it all summer! I posted a video of one of his lessons here if you'd like to see.

Here's another video of Harry. We were making a video for Ant's fantasy football league so I thought I'd ask Harry a few questions. It turned out kinda cute :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Murder Mystery Dinner- Noir She Didn't!

The last weekend in August Ant and I were able to sneak away for a little date night. Our second of the summer, a new record for us! Earlier in the month I was invited by the Murder Mystery Co. to take part in one of their murder mystery shows, after looking into it, Ant and I couldn't wait to go!

My only experience with murder mystery games has been watching the Murder episode of The Office- one of my favorites from the later seasons. And I'm sure I played Clue a few times when I was younger.


The Murder Mystery Co. offers dinner shows in three locations around Chicago. Two locations in the city, and one in Oakbrook Terrace, which is where we saw our show, at the Millhurst Charhouse.
(From Instagram)

Our show was a 1920/30s theme called Noir She Didn't! To add to the theme of the event, the company encourages attendees to dress up in costume. We didn't dress up, but about half the attendees showed up as flappers and gangsters. At the end of the night one couple at our table was awarded Best Dressed, they really went all out with a pinstripe suit and even a fake cigar!

From the time we got to the restaurant the cast was in character, and before we got our seats we got our mugshots taken!

We were then seated at our table, which we shared with four other couples. Before the show started we read through all the information we were given.

Once everyone was seated (there were probably 120 people in attendance), the performance began and we were served dinner. Prior to the show we picked our dinner online. There were 3 options to choose from, pasta, fish, or chicken. Both Ant an I ordered the chicken, which was served with rice and veggies. Simple, but tasty! The rice had a really unique flavor that we both loved.

After dinner more rules of the game were explained. Each table was to work together as a team, and one member from each team was cast as a suspect. Ant was the chosen one from our team, and he was the suspect Joey Ice.

We then spent a good majority of the night talking with other suspects and gathering as many clues as we could. There were also a few times the suspects were all brought to the front for questioning by the police. The cast also made the rounds making sure we got as much information as possible.

After dessert- a delicious piece of chocolate cake, it was time to solve the murder! Each team had to name the suspect we thought did it, along with their motive and opportunity. Our team didn't win, which we blamed on not talking to the right suspects enough. With over 10 suspects, it was hard to get to everybody!

Despite not winning the game, we had a really nice time. The game got a little confusing at points, especially when some of the suspects went off on tangents that didn't have anything to do with the murder we were trying to solve. However, the cast was awesome at reeling them in and getting the right information out to everyone.

If you're in the area and are looking for a fun date night or night out with friends, check out the Murder Mystery Co.! It's something different than the typical dinner and a movie, and they've got quite a few shows playing in the next couple months. The cast were terrific and really made sure everyone had a fun time.

Disclaimer: The Murder Mystery Co. provided me with Gold Circle tickets to one show. All alcohol purchased was paid for by me. All opinions are 100% my own. 
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