Monday, December 29, 2014

Sick Christmas

2014 was not the best year for holidays around here... Ant had to work on the 4th of July, Harry was sick on Halloween, and we were all sick on Christmas! Harry actually got sick late last Saturday night, and has been feverish off and on. He was coughing so violently that it made him throw up a few times. By Friday he seemed to be on the mend. Meanwhile, Ant spent the weekend miserable and I luckily, have barely felt it (just a sore throat really).

Always such a positive attitude when he's sick!

Backing up to Christmas Eve, we put out reindeer food, decorated Christmas cookies for Santa, and made homemade pizzas. Even though he wasn't feeling well, Harry still wanted to fully participate in Christmas.

We had a little incident with the sprinkles ;)

Before bed we set up some cookies and milk for Santa. And a few little carrots for the reindeer.

Christmas morning started out nice. Harry was nervous to walk out to see what Santa brought, but he loves his new bike! The seat needs to be lowered, but he had fun just sitting on it.

Already got that wind blown hair

Santa left us a note saying that a Spiderman helmet is on its way in the mail, I guess the elves got a little behind at the workshop ;). After seeing what was in our stockings, we sat down for breakfast- blueberry muffins!

Harry had one of his coughing fits during breakfast and threw up. Ugh! It was so bad we ended up calling our doctor to see if they'd give him a prescription for a cough suppressant (not that any pharmacy in the area would have been open...), but of course they wouldn't give him anything without seeing him first, so the nurse suggested sitting in the bathroom with a hot shower running and giving him spoonfuls of honey and lemon juice. That seemed to do the trick, and soon enough he was feeling better and anxious to open presents.

Everyone got some great gifts! Harry couldn't get the bike off his mind and begged to go outside with it. Since we didn't have the helmet, we compromised and pushed Harry down our hallway for 5 minutes.

A little ridiculous, I know, but he had so much fun with it.

Here's to hoping 2015 holidays all go a little smoother around here!

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