Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday morning was an exciting one... we had breakfast with Santa!

The event was run by the Roselle Park District, and was a lot of fun. It was the first year for the event and was very well organized and a whole lot of fun!

I think breakfast was catered by a local diner, and it was served buffet style. Nothing spectacular, but it did the trick. About halfway through our meal Santa showed up and said hi to all the kids. When he came by our table Harry got so starstruck! They gave each other a high five and Harry was so wide eyed during their interaction.

When Santa moved on to the next table Harry nearly burst in to tears because he didn't tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Awwww... Of course we reassured him that he'd get the opportunity to talk to him again.

After we finished our food, Harry couldn't wait to sit in Santa's lap. After momentarily questioning whether to go up to him, Harry happily walked right up to Santa and sat down.

Yay! Santa success! Third year is a charm. Harry enjoyed talking with him for a few minutes and had no problems letting Santa know what's on his wishlist this year. A bike, Spiderman helmet, and Thomas jammies!

Last month Ant took Harry to the store to try out bikes so we could tell Santa what size would work. Harry's been excited about them ever since. He came up with the jammies all on his own, though! He fell in love with Elmo PJs he saw at the store a few weeks ago and was originally asking for those, but he's now changed his tune and wants Thomas ones.

It's so funny how little brains work, isn't it? I remember when I was almost 3, I wanted a building for Christmas! Specifically, an office building, like what my dad worked in. Ha! Much to my dismay, I didn't get the 5 story structure I was expecting, but I got a little pink playhouse that we called a building.

Anywho... after wishing Santa a Merry Christmas we walked around the gym for a bit and Harry made a cute little scratch off ornament.

We had a great time! I hope they do it again next year, an easy an stress-free way to talk with Santa.

Here are a couple pictures from the event's Facebook page.

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