Monday, December 8, 2014



One month in to three. He's been kind of a handful lately. I've heard that three can be worse than two, and they weren't kidding!  Random tantrums (once because I gave him a red vitamin instead of an orange one), and issues with listening (and not just at home- he almost got a timeout at school for not listening to his teacher) are our biggest hurdles right now. But, with the struggles, come a lot of awesome things about being three!
  • Math! He's caught on to the concept and can do really simple addition and subtraction. For instance, he counted 5 pieces of broccoli on his plate once. As he ate them he would say, "4 pieces left... 3 pieces left, etc," without having to recount. 
  • Why why why! He's officially in the "why" stage. And will go on asking it for 10 minutes, never just satisfied with what we've told him. 
  • Imaginary friends! He has one :). Simply named Baby. She's a girl and lives in the lamp in his bedroom. He doesn't mention her all the time, but when he does it's usually about stuff that she likes (Baby likes this car, this book, this food, etc.). Very cute!
  • Mama's Boy!  He's still really clingy with me. It's cute, but also frustrating when he refuses to let Ant help him with anything.
  • One not so great thing, nightmares! Saturday night he woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep in his own bed. I took him with me and he kept going on about dinosaurs and lions, and how they were scary. Sunday morning he told Ant about the nightmare and he brought it up again Sunday night at bedtime. It must have been a really intense dream! Poor kid.
Real nice, kid. LOL!

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