Monday, November 3, 2014

Low Key Halloween

We ended up skipping trick-or-treating on Friday night. Harry wasn't 100% and the weather was pretty terrible- it snowed that morning even! To make up for it, we let Harry do some trick-or-treating at home. Ant and I went in to the bedrooms, closed the doors and had Harry knock and ask for candy. He did it about 10 times and had fun. We tried to get him to dress up in his costume, but he just wanted to wear dinosaur PJs.

Saturday afternoon we went over to my dad's and Harry rang the door a couple times and got his pumpkin bucket filled with candy.

Harry stayed with my dad while Ant and I ran a couple errands. For dinner we got Moe's. Which, I just might like more than Chipotle. Controversial choice, I know.

Sunday we did Harry's annual birthday photo shoot. I can't wait to share the pictures on Friday!

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