Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Stuff

Harry and I have been trying for a few weeks to meet Ant downtown for lunch. Harry was sick one week and the next Ant wasn't feeling well and just wanted to come home. Friday the stars aligned and we all met up at Union Station around 1 o'clock.

From the train station we walked over to Epic Burger in the West Loop. Lemme tell you... it was epic! I got the junior turkey burger which was fantastic. I thought they made a mistake and gave me a regular burger, but I compared it to Ant's and it was much lighter in color. So juicy and flavorful. Surprisingly the fries weren't that great, but the burger more than made up for them. Harry got the grilled cheese and scarfed down every last crumb. He even said later that night how he had a "really great grilled cheese" for lunch.

After lunch we walked over to the French Market to look around. So much goodness in there! We left with half a dozen macarons from Vanille Patisserie. My favorites were the vanilla and mint chocolate.

After Harry went to bed Ant and I rented Neighbors from Redbox. Eh, not my favorite. Rose Byrne annoys me for some reason, so I guess I was biased against the movie from the start.

Saturday we had every intention of going to Boo at the Zoo at Brookfield Zoo. In fact, we dressed Harry up in his costume, got in the car and drove to the zoo. When we got there the line of cars to get into the parking lot was insane. I'd never seen it so crowded before. It was a beautiful day so everyone in the Chicago area must have had the same idea. We waited in line for about 20 minutes, realized we'd be waiting a whole lot longer, and decided to leave.

Harry was so upset. We felt awful, but knew it was for the best. I hate crowds and I doubt we would have gotten to see many of the animals up close. We didn't want to go home, so we stopped off at the Graue Mill in Oak Brook. Not really up Harry's alley, but it was something to do. I visited the mill when I was in grade school and have wanted to go back for a long time. I just wish I would have brought my nice camera! All I had was my crappy cell phone.

A beautiful cross stitch inside the museum. Of course I had to take a picture!

Notice how the J and U are missing, and the Q is a backwards P. How interesting! In the museum we bought a bag of their freshly ground corn meal. I'm excited to make some homemade bread with it.

As I said, it was a beautiful day and perfect for a walk on their hiking trails.

Oh, and a terrifying/will-be-funny-someday moment happened when we got home. Did I mention it was a nice day? Oh, I did. Well, the screen door was open, just like any other day during the summer. Ant and I were cleaning our bedroom and Harry was watching TV (Handy Manny- his new favorite Netflix show), when we suddenly hear, "Guys, I'm outside!" We bolt to the living room and yep, Harry was definitely outside. In just a t-shirt and flip flops, haha.

We were sooooo lucky he called out to us instead of just running. Who knows what could have happened, neither of us heard him open the door. The three of us sat down and had a nice little chat about how Harry has to ask to go outside first and that a parent needs to go with him.

We had a lazy Sunday, and now we're back to Monday. Happy happy!

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