Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Ever since Harry was born Halloween has become my favorite holiday. The years prior I never really celebrated it. But, with a kid, it's just so much fun! I was really excited for this year because Harry was able to pick out his costume for the first time. He came up with a  of bunch ideas before he settled on the perfect costume. At various points he wanted to be a firetruck, Santa Claus and the Cat in the Hat.

After finding a hard hat in the Halloween section at Target it was official, Harry wanted to be Bob the Builder. I don't think anything will beat his Prince Harry costume from last year, but the Bob costume turned out pretty cute! The hard hat from Target was way too big so we returned it and got a kid sized one at Spirit Halloween. Not as nice, but at least it doesn't cover his eyes.

Finding the right Bob the Builder shirt was a challenge! Bob's shirt is red and yellow checked and I looked everywhere. I even tried finding fabric to make a shirt, but no luck. The best shirt I found was from Target of all places.

Bob's tool belt was a lot of fun to make! I used felt, heavy duty interfacing and tan belting. I printed out shaped of tools from Microsoft Word, traced them on the felt and interfacing and hand stitched everything together on the belting.

Yesterday Harry got to wear the costume to school for his class's Halloween party. All the kids were so cute! I figured all the girls would be Anna or Elsa, but there was just one Anna in the group. I was the head room mom, and I think all the kids had fun. We played a couple games, did a craft and there was more food and treats than a football team could eat, let along a class of 16 preschoolers.

Unfortunately, Harry started to get sick while at school. Ugh. He was fine in the morning, but by the time I got back to class for the party he had a runny nose, and it was obvious he wasn't feeling great. I took his temperature when we got home and it was a bit elevated. :(

So, as of now, plans for today are up in the air. We were planning on going to IHOP for breakfast (Harry and I did it last Halloween, and I was looking forward to making it a mama/son tradition), but we're holding off. I'm really hoping he'll be up for trick-or-treating at a few houses.

I hope you all have a great Halloween!!

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  1. Too cute. I'm SO sorry he's feeling under the weather :( I hope he's up for a little trick or treating.


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