Wednesday, October 8, 2014

35 Months

Just one more month until Harry turns 3! I still remember the day he was born so clearly, it does not feel like it was so long ago.

  • I meant to say this in last month's update and totally spaced, but... Harry is now writing letters! So far he can do A, H, J, O, T, U, V and W. Some are more clearly written than others, but he is definitely getting the hang of it. His W is so funny, it looks like 5 W's strung together :).
  • School is still going really well. Although yesterday when I picked him up I noticed he wasn't sitting at the tables with the rest of the class like he was supposed to- he was in the back of the class wandering around. But, he's learning a lot and I think he's becoming more confident in interacting with kids his own age- my main goal for the year.
  • At school they sing lots of songs. Here are a few fun ones we've started listening to at home.
  • As far as other songs go, Harry is obsessed with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." He sings it all the time. The other day he was screaming it during nap time.  
  • Potty training... what's that?? We really are no closer to being diaper free than we were back in April.  He'll pee in the potty 1-2 times a day, but that's it. Trying to get him to poop on the potty is like pulling teeth. He freaks out if you even mention it. At this point I'm really wondering if we will be sending him to kindergarten with a diaper on.... (I'm sure we won't, but it feels like we will right now!)
  • Noises at bedtime have suddenly started bothering him. I'm pretty sure he's just hearing someone in our building flush the toilet, but it's kept him awake many nights this month.
  • Cute things he's said this month.
    • "I bit my teeth."
    • "Mom, your hair's so crazy, you need a haircut."
    • "Hi Mom. Are you hi?" (laughed for 5 minutes straight on that one!)
    • "I got some cry in my eyes."- When he was wiping away some tears, so adorable!
    • "The dark is gone!" - Says this every morning when it's sunny out.

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