Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of Preschool

After talking about it for months, Harry finally had his first day of preschool yesterday. Eeeek!

We had to change shoes, didn't realize the grass was going to be so wet!

He was so excited, and just plain ready to go. I'm so glad we decided to send him. Four hours a week away from mom is going to be good for him. I, being the mom that I am, was nervous about the first day, but it couldn't have gone better. Ant took the day off so he could be there for the first day, too. Drop-off went fabulously, and he was off playing as soon as we did our "two kisses and a hug."

After a couple hours we were back to pick him up. The kids are filed out one by one as parents arrive to lessen the pick-up chaos. Harry likes to run and do his own thing a lot, so I was pleasantly surprised to see him sitting nicely at the table with his classmates when the doors opened. When it was Harry's turn to leave his teacher said he was an excellent student all day. I was pretty sure he wouldn't cry, but it seemed like a lot of kids did, so you never know what could happen.

Harry was all smiles when we picked him up and had a backpack full of papers. He told us he played with the sandbox, the cell phones, sang songs, did a craft and got a cookie and water for snack time. Oh, and they read a book about an owl, too. They also had Frozen playing in the background. Just for the first day to help get the kids acclimated to being on their own. Harry was excited to see it playing, but it doesn't sound like he watched much of it with all the other activities going on.

To celebrate a great first day, we all went out to lunch. And his first craft made it's way to our fridge as soon as he got home.

He thought he was going to walk to school

Harry's already looking forward to his next class and is excited to bring string cheeses for snack time next week. Annnnd, Mom might be looking forward to some alone time during the week, too ;).

Here's to the start of a great school year!

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