Monday, September 22, 2014

Fire Station Touch a Truck

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Saturday night we had a mini pizza party and did semi-homemade pizzas. Used the Archer Farms whole wheat crust, turned out very well!

Sunday our local fire station hosted a Touch a Truck event. We've been meaning to go to one fooooorevvvverrrr. Harry, as most little kids do, loves firetrucks. Firetruck/fireman were high on his list of Halloween costumes this year (he picked something else in the end, which I'll reveal later).

The department did a great job with the event. We got there about 15 minutes after it started and it was already packed, like 100+ people in our tiny town's fire station.

Here are some pictures.

Yes, I'm the mom who made her kid wear a firetruck shirt to the fire station :). I didn't get a picture, but Harry also got to sit in an ambulance and talked with a paramedic for a bit. We spent about a half hour there which was plenty of time to look at everything. They had one of those fire simulator trailers, which would have been really cool, but we thought Harry was too young to understand.

Winners for the Tropicana giveaway...

Machella and Laeci! Congrats!

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