Monday, September 8, 2014

34 Months

We have 2 more months until his birthday, but he's acting more and more like a three year old every day!

  • Obviously starting school was the biggest excitement this past month. So far, so good! He's asked every morning if he gets to go to school that day. Like I said before, I'm so glad we decided to send him early and am excited to see how he develops in the program. 
  • Funny new quirk he's developed... whenever he's looking for something or trying to come up with an answer to a question I ask, he'll tap his chin and say, "think, think, think..." It's very cute, and what's so funny about it is that my brother did something very similar when he was younger, too.
  • He asks for macaroni and cheese every day for dinner. He'd be happy to have it for every meal! 
  • Playtime has been so much fun lately! Harry loves to make us food in his little kitchen (moving it to his room was a great idea for us). Who knew microwaved lettuce could taste so good? We also play Candy Land and Guess Who? all the time. He understands both games and even thinks of questions to ask with Guess Who? (usually he plays on a team with Mom or Dad, but he's played on his own a few times). I'm thinking about getting him a couple more games for his birthday, maybe Hi-Ho Cherry-O or Chutes and Ladders? I remember loving both of those when I was 3 or 4.
  • A few cute things he's said this month.
    • "I have to tickle my foot." When scratching an itch.
    • "Mom, I think I'm up!" He yells this a lot when he wakes up from his naps. 
    • "Yes, I have to." He says this anytime we say no to something. Like, if he wants a cookie just before dinner, or to play outside when it's raining out.

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