Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY Sewing Cards for Toddlers

I'm always trying to come up with new and fun activities for Harry. Something besides the TV that will hold his attention during the day. The other day I was thinking of what we could do, when I remembered seeing sewing cards at Target the week before. I figured I could make them for a lot cheaper. They turned out cute, so I thought I'd share how I did them.

First, start with these supplies.

  • Heavy paper or cardstock, colored and/or white
  • Crop-A-Dile, or other heavy duty hole punch
  • Laminator (I have this Purple Cowsone and love it!)
  • Laminating sheets
  • Shoe laces or long pieces of yarn
You also might want a glue stick.

After you collect all your supplies, the directions are pretty straight forward.
  • Print any image you like on your cardstock. To start I did a smiley face, frog and car. I found black and white images and printed them on colored cardstock, but colored images on white cardstock would work well, too. Resize your images so they take up as much of the cardstock as they can. 

  • To make the cards a little thicker, you might want to glue a second piece of cardstock or paper to the back of your printed image. Once dry, cut out the image, put it in a laminating sheet and feed it through your laminator. If it's really thick, send it through a few times.

  • Cut out the image and punch holes around it, as few or as many as you'd like.

  •  Give the card to your toddler, along with a shoelace or yarn and let them discover how fun sewing can be!

    Harry took to the cards right away and figured out the sewing motion quickly. We've done some beading with pony beads and string and the finger dexterity for both activities are similar. Admittedly, the shoelaces we used were too long and it was hard to keep him from tangling them. I tied off a larger portion of the lace on the backside which helped a lot.

    Happy crafting!

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