Friday, August 8, 2014

33 Months Old

33 months old, and just 3 more months until Harry turns 3!

  • And just a little over 3 weeks until preschool starts. Harry is very excited to start and he understands that I'll drop him off and then pick him up once class is over (we'll see if that concept really sunk in the first day). I think school is going to be so good for him. Based on the curriculum outline, Harry knows most of what will be taught, but he could use some practice socializing with kids his age.
    I think I've mentioned before how timid he is around other toddlers. For instance, in music class this summer (about 20 kids), when it was time to return instruments back to the teacher, Harry would always hang back. He'd even tell me that he needed to wait for all the other kids to go first before approaching the teacher. It was cute, but I always just wanted to give him a little shove to get him in with the group. I'm hoping school will give him the tools to be more confident around his peers.
  • Potty training... ugh. This process is taking way longer than I would have ever anticipated! Fortunately he's allowed to wear Pull-Ups to school, so we don't have to rush things to get it done this month. It's been about 3.5 months since he started going #1, and has yet to do a #2 in the potty. No amount of coaxing or bribing has worked thus far (and trust me, there's been a lot). He finished up his potty chart in June, and since then his interest has waned. So we just started that up again. Hoping for a little more progress this month, but I'm really trying to not stress out about it.
  • He randomly decided to be afraid of the dark this past month. He was always perfectly fine when the lights went out until one night he woke up crying and kept saying it was too dark. That night we couldn't for the life of us get him back to his own bed, so he slept with us. He was wide awake (2am) and kept talking to us about random stuff for nearly an hour. It was really sweet and I'm glad to have that memory. But the next day we went out and got a little dinosaur night light. He loves it and keeps his room just light enough so he isn't afraid anymore.
  • Oh, one afternoon he scraped his knee while playing outside. NBD, but he needed a little band-aid. He was so scared to walk with it on! It was funny. Both Ant and I ended up putting band-aids on our knees to show him that he could do it. He eventually did, but walked with a slight limp (not because he was hurt) and was so excited that he figured it out.
  • In general, he's very affectionate. He's not much of a cuddler, but he loves to give random hugs and kisses and tells us he loves us (unprompted)  all the time.
  • He loves coloring with markers. And prefers blank pieces of paper to coloring books. He knows how to draw straight lines, squiggly lines and circles. I've tried dotting out letters to have him connect the dots, but he hasn't been interested in that yet.
  • Cute things he's said this month:
    • "Take the salad off, Mommy."- in reference to some strawberry tops I forgot to take off his plate
    • "Mommy, I have a bruise!"- pointed to nipples
    • Mom: "Harry, you're handsome."
      Harry: "No, I'm hot."- talking about his actual body temperature
    • "Thank you for being so nice at Target/JoAnn's/where ever we just were."

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