Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mini Room Makeover

The past couple weeks we've been redoing Harry's room. Nothing major, but we gave him more space and made it more age appropriate. On Saturday the boys were out at Ant's fantasy football draft so I finished up the room and took some pictures.

If you're interested, here's how Harry's nursery looked when he was about 2 months old.

Here's what the new room looks like now.

The two biggest changes were getting rid of the changing table and craft table. Harry was too big for the changing table to be safe anymore (he had a habit of jumping on it) and I'd been feeling guilty about having so much of my stuff take up his room. I loved playing in my room growing up and before he really didn't have much space to do that.

My craft table is now tucked away in the closet along with most of my crafting supplies. Those pink drawers are mine, and there's some paper storage behind the rocker. The only new piece of furniture is the cube organizer. I love how it works as a bookshelf and toy box all in one.

The toddler bed still works for now, but I think we'll want to talk about getting him a larger bed next summer-ish. When we first got his dresser I was worried it would be too small, but between that and his closet, we haven't had a clothing storage issue.

More shots of the room.

The teddy bear was Ant's as a kid and the duck was my favorite stuffed animal growing up :)

The boys got home while I was taking pictures of the room.

Those were also my puzzles as a kid. I love that Harry can now play with them.

I'm happy with how everything turned out, and most importantly, Harry likes it, too. He has spent a lot of time in there already. He loves that he can "wash his hand" in his little kitchen before, during, and after every diaper change. He has this adorable little routine (the cabinet handle is the soap dispenser and he moves the stove knobs to dry his hands off) and when he's done he screams, "I'm allllll clean!"

I'd love to completely redo the room, but am trying to hold off until we gets a new bed so I'm not buying toddler-sized sheets he'll only use for a short time. I love all the bright, bold colors of the toys I have displayed, so I think that's kind of the direction I'll take when redecorating.

Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY Sewing Cards for Toddlers

I'm always trying to come up with new and fun activities for Harry. Something besides the TV that will hold his attention during the day. The other day I was thinking of what we could do, when I remembered seeing sewing cards at Target the week before. I figured I could make them for a lot cheaper. They turned out cute, so I thought I'd share how I did them.

First, start with these supplies.

  • Heavy paper or cardstock, colored and/or white
  • Crop-A-Dile, or other heavy duty hole punch
  • Laminator (I have this Purple Cowsone and love it!)
  • Laminating sheets
  • Shoe laces or long pieces of yarn
You also might want a glue stick.

After you collect all your supplies, the directions are pretty straight forward.
  • Print any image you like on your cardstock. To start I did a smiley face, frog and car. I found black and white images and printed them on colored cardstock, but colored images on white cardstock would work well, too. Resize your images so they take up as much of the cardstock as they can. 

  • To make the cards a little thicker, you might want to glue a second piece of cardstock or paper to the back of your printed image. Once dry, cut out the image, put it in a laminating sheet and feed it through your laminator. If it's really thick, send it through a few times.

  • Cut out the image and punch holes around it, as few or as many as you'd like.

  •  Give the card to your toddler, along with a shoelace or yarn and let them discover how fun sewing can be!

    Harry took to the cards right away and figured out the sewing motion quickly. We've done some beading with pony beads and string and the finger dexterity for both activities are similar. Admittedly, the shoelaces we used were too long and it was hard to keep him from tangling them. I tied off a larger portion of the lace on the backside which helped a lot.

    Happy crafting!

Friday, August 8, 2014

33 Months Old

33 months old, and just 3 more months until Harry turns 3!

  • And just a little over 3 weeks until preschool starts. Harry is very excited to start and he understands that I'll drop him off and then pick him up once class is over (we'll see if that concept really sunk in the first day). I think school is going to be so good for him. Based on the curriculum outline, Harry knows most of what will be taught, but he could use some practice socializing with kids his age.
    I think I've mentioned before how timid he is around other toddlers. For instance, in music class this summer (about 20 kids), when it was time to return instruments back to the teacher, Harry would always hang back. He'd even tell me that he needed to wait for all the other kids to go first before approaching the teacher. It was cute, but I always just wanted to give him a little shove to get him in with the group. I'm hoping school will give him the tools to be more confident around his peers.
  • Potty training... ugh. This process is taking way longer than I would have ever anticipated! Fortunately he's allowed to wear Pull-Ups to school, so we don't have to rush things to get it done this month. It's been about 3.5 months since he started going #1, and has yet to do a #2 in the potty. No amount of coaxing or bribing has worked thus far (and trust me, there's been a lot). He finished up his potty chart in June, and since then his interest has waned. So we just started that up again. Hoping for a little more progress this month, but I'm really trying to not stress out about it.
  • He randomly decided to be afraid of the dark this past month. He was always perfectly fine when the lights went out until one night he woke up crying and kept saying it was too dark. That night we couldn't for the life of us get him back to his own bed, so he slept with us. He was wide awake (2am) and kept talking to us about random stuff for nearly an hour. It was really sweet and I'm glad to have that memory. But the next day we went out and got a little dinosaur night light. He loves it and keeps his room just light enough so he isn't afraid anymore.
  • Oh, one afternoon he scraped his knee while playing outside. NBD, but he needed a little band-aid. He was so scared to walk with it on! It was funny. Both Ant and I ended up putting band-aids on our knees to show him that he could do it. He eventually did, but walked with a slight limp (not because he was hurt) and was so excited that he figured it out.
  • In general, he's very affectionate. He's not much of a cuddler, but he loves to give random hugs and kisses and tells us he loves us (unprompted)  all the time.
  • He loves coloring with markers. And prefers blank pieces of paper to coloring books. He knows how to draw straight lines, squiggly lines and circles. I've tried dotting out letters to have him connect the dots, but he hasn't been interested in that yet.
  • Cute things he's said this month:
    • "Take the salad off, Mommy."- in reference to some strawberry tops I forgot to take off his plate
    • "Mommy, I have a bruise!"- pointed to nipples
    • Mom: "Harry, you're handsome."
      Harry: "No, I'm hot."- talking about his actual body temperature
    • "Thank you for being so nice at Target/JoAnn's/where ever we just were."

Monday, August 4, 2014

Taste of Roselle 2014

The weekend kicked off with some errand running. Target now offers in-store pickup for online orders and last week they were offering $10 off a $40 purchase. I ordered Harry a new pair of shoes for school (size 9!!!) and a new shelving unit for our bathroom. After picking up our order Friday evening we headed over to the Taste of Roselle for dinner.

This year there were quite a few local food trucks in attendance. After looking at all the options I decided on Toasty Cheese. I've seen their truck around town a few times and have always wanted to stop by for lunch, but haven't gotten the chance yet... it seems I'm always in a rush to get somewhere when I drive by. Harry and I ordered their basic grilled cheese and a side of fries, both were very good! Ant got Toasty Cheese's sweet potato fries and two sliders from Best Truckin' BBQ, which he loved.

After eating we made our way through the craft fair to the carnival, the thing Harry had been looking forward to all week. There were only a handful of rides, and we let Harry choose 2 to go on.

Before going back home we played one round of Bingo. We wanted to play more, but Harry was getting cranky so it was clearly time to leave.

I don't think I mentioned we got a new car seat last month. The backseat in my car is surprisingly narrow and after we forward faced Harry in our MyRide 65 he just seemed so cramped. So, we moved that seat to Ant's much roomier car and got ourselves a new Evenflo Maestro. It fits so much better in my car and now Harry will be able to ride in both vehicles (once we install the MyRide- on next weekend's to-do list).

So anyways, the police department was hosting a car seat safety check on Saturday. I was confident the Maestro was properly installed, but it never hurts to get it double checked by a professional. Plus, Harry got to see all the police cars and fire trucks up close. The seat was installed correctly, the techs were impressed with how secure we managed to get it, and we were on our way in no time.

After nap time Ant dropped Harry and I off at JoAnn's while he got his haircut. I finally dropped my Woodland Sampler off to be framed. I didn't realize how expensive that is! Even with a gift card I had. But, I put a lot of work into the piece so I want it to look nice. Should be ready in about 2 weeks. While we waited for Ant to come back we looked around the store and found a cute little $1 alphabet stamp set, among a few other things. We had some fun with them when we got home :).

(from Instagram)

We didn't do a whole lot on Sunday, except for going back to the Taste for lunch. Harry ate at home, but Ant got a bacon grilled cheese from Toasty Cheese and I got a quesadilla. As a treat, we got Harry a tiny shot glass-sized portion of Dippin' Dots. And we let him ride 2 more rides before heading back home.

And this morning we have our very last music class of the summer. We've had so much fun with it! Schedule-wise the next session won't work for us, but we'll definitely be keeping it in mind for an activity next summer. 

Hope your week's off to a nice start!
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