Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lately... and Ant's Dirty 30

Schaumburg has a small farmer's market every Friday and I've been wanting to check it out for a while now. Last week we finally made it over there. The market was smaller than I thought it'd be, but very nice. The veggie stand was pretty impressive! We didn't get any (our fridge was stocked from a grocery trip the day before), but I'm thinking maybe next week Harry and I will go back and pick up some fresh produce. After walking around a bit we walked away with a little box of kolaches and a bouquet of flowers.

After the farmer's market we stopped by the grocery store to use their Coin Star machine. Harry's piggy bank was so so heavy, so we thought it'd be fun to cash them in for a Toys R Us gift card.

There was over $25 in that bag! We haven't gotten to TRU yet, but when we do I'm sure Harry will have no problem spending the gift card.

The rest of our "weekend" was boring. Ant finished up the last few days of filling in for his coworker (he's now back to his regular schedule, yay!), so Harry and I just hung around mostly.

Monday, Ant's only day off this week, we went out for his birthday lunch. Pilot Pete's. Harry is notoriously shy around strangers, so we were pleasantly surprised to hear him ask for a glass of milk as soon as our waitress came by the table.

Harry and I had to miss our last library class of the summer on Tuesday because our landlord gave Ant a birthday present... a new A/C! Ha, not really a present, but our old unit was making a horrible noise so we needed a new one and had to stay home to let the maintenance guys in.

After Ant got home from work we gave him his presents (Tuesday was his real birthday). And after dinner we gave him a beautiful cake Harry and I made earlier in the day.

Hahahahaha! I know, it's not great. But I love the Frozen theme. Harry's obsessed with the movie right now and I let him choose how to decorate the cake. Plus, it tasted pretty good so who cares how crappy the "snowflakes" turned out.

LOVE this picture!

And yes, Ant's reached the big 3-0! Gah, 30 used to seems old, didn't it? I'll be joining him in exactly 6 months. Hard to believe we met as little, naive 21 year-olds. Happy birthday, boo!

Yesterday Harry and I went to Target to check out their big toy sale going on. The store we went to wasn't marked down to 70% off yet, but I found some good deals on a few things for Christmas (or maybe his birthday). This is definitely the last year we'll be able to do holiday/birthday shopping
with him! He was more interested in what was on the shelves, and didn't pay much attention to the things I placed in my cart.

One last thing, the Sky Zone giveaway winner was Lydia. Congrats! I've emailed you, Lydia, so make sure to respond so I can send the passes out to you :).

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