Wednesday, July 9, 2014

32 Months Old

Months 25-31 have been my favorite as a parent so far. Month 32? Not such a favorite. Harry's been tough lately. He wants to do so much on his own and gets frustrated when he can't. And he's been acting out a lot more for seemingly no reason at all. He suddenly doesn't listen well and usually ends up in time out multiple times a day.


Other than that, here's what's been going on with him.
  • Bedtimes have been going really well! After reading books and lights out, we're down to sitting with him for about a minute. I tried leaving right after turning off the light one night and he got so upset.
  • He tries to do so much by himself, it's awesome! He has to get his cheese and milk out of the fridge, he has to turn off the lights in the bathroom, and he hates when I try to help him wash his hands (FYI, we got one of these for the bathroom sink and it's awesome!).
  • Harry still doesn't eat much dinner. Macaroni and baked popcorn chicken are usually winners, but it's a struggle with most other things. Like the other night, before I started dinner he found a pouch of applesauce in my purse and asked me to open it. I said no, and that I'd be making dinner soon. I figured he was hungry, and had high hopes that he'd wolf down the gnocchi I was making. Nope. He had maybe 3 bites. Oh, and last week while Ant was at work I made him a sandwich for dinner. He thought that was pretty neat and kept saying he was eating lunch, not dinner.
  • We taught him his middle name. Whenever we ask what it is, he responds with "Top" or "Harry Top." He'll say that about 4 times before telling us what it really is... goof!
  • He's decided that pants are the devil and much prefers to just be in a shirt and diaper around the house. 
  • He's started doing this weird thing where he doesn't want us to walk next to him. Like when we're walking up to our building, when we get to the stairs he'll say, "Stay there," and get upset if we try walking up with him. When he's up the stairs he'll turn around and say, "Okay, now come!" I try not to give in to this behavior because he needs to learn to be flexible and that he won't always get his way.
  • His newest obsession... stop lights! Now that he's forward facing in his car seat, he has a good view of the road. He knows that red means stop and green means go. And that green arrows (or "air-ee-ohs" as he calls them). He still gets confused when we turn right on red, which is cute. No matter how many times we tell him it's okay as long as we're safe about it, it hasn't clicked.
  • He takes everything very literally. It's so cute! Some examples:
    • Mom/Dad says: "I gotta run to the bathroom real quick."
      Harry says: "No, you walked, not run."
    • Mom/Dad says: "Let me throw a drink in the fridge before we go."
      Harry says: "You didn't throw it."
    • Mom/Dad says (after washing his hands): "Okay, wipe your hands off now."
      Harry says: "No, that's a towel, not a wipe."

      etc., etc., etc. :)
  • Once when he was in time out, he yelled out, "Mom, I love you!" Which, was so totally cute. So I went over to give him a hug and totally forgot he was in time out. So now he uses that as a way to get out of time outs. Haha.
  • He has really good pronunciation for most things now. 2 sounds that trip him up are some L- sounds and Ja-. Most L's are replaced with W's and Ja- is usually said as a weird Dw- type sound. It's so cute!
  •  Since Harry is saying so much these days I've started writing down some of the funnier things he's said. Here's a few from the last month.
    • "I don't have a tail, I have a butt."
    • Mom: "Harry, do you have a beard?" (in reference to Dad's)
      Harry: "No, I don't have beard, I have cheeks."
    • "Mommy, do dishes and I watch Daniel Tiger."
    • Mom: "Harry, when's your birthday?"
      Harry: "Ummm.... cake."
    • Dad (after Mom sneezes): "Bee boo." (as in the way Harry used to pronounce "bless you."
      Harry: "Dad, it's not bee boo, it's bless you."
    • Mom: "Close your eyes, baby."
      Harry: "I'm not a baby, I'm Harry." 

Here are a couple pictures from our music class (with Ant's funky work schedule this month he's ben able to come with us).

We love this class! If you're in the Chicago area and have a toddler, definitely check out the Rock n' Kid classes. Harry looks forward to it all week. I'd love to sign up for another session in the fall if the class doesn't conflict with our school schedule.

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