Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lately... and Ant's Dirty 30

Schaumburg has a small farmer's market every Friday and I've been wanting to check it out for a while now. Last week we finally made it over there. The market was smaller than I thought it'd be, but very nice. The veggie stand was pretty impressive! We didn't get any (our fridge was stocked from a grocery trip the day before), but I'm thinking maybe next week Harry and I will go back and pick up some fresh produce. After walking around a bit we walked away with a little box of kolaches and a bouquet of flowers.

After the farmer's market we stopped by the grocery store to use their Coin Star machine. Harry's piggy bank was so so heavy, so we thought it'd be fun to cash them in for a Toys R Us gift card.

There was over $25 in that bag! We haven't gotten to TRU yet, but when we do I'm sure Harry will have no problem spending the gift card.

The rest of our "weekend" was boring. Ant finished up the last few days of filling in for his coworker (he's now back to his regular schedule, yay!), so Harry and I just hung around mostly.

Monday, Ant's only day off this week, we went out for his birthday lunch. Pilot Pete's. Harry is notoriously shy around strangers, so we were pleasantly surprised to hear him ask for a glass of milk as soon as our waitress came by the table.

Harry and I had to miss our last library class of the summer on Tuesday because our landlord gave Ant a birthday present... a new A/C! Ha, not really a present, but our old unit was making a horrible noise so we needed a new one and had to stay home to let the maintenance guys in.

After Ant got home from work we gave him his presents (Tuesday was his real birthday). And after dinner we gave him a beautiful cake Harry and I made earlier in the day.

Hahahahaha! I know, it's not great. But I love the Frozen theme. Harry's obsessed with the movie right now and I let him choose how to decorate the cake. Plus, it tasted pretty good so who cares how crappy the "snowflakes" turned out.

LOVE this picture!

And yes, Ant's reached the big 3-0! Gah, 30 used to seems old, didn't it? I'll be joining him in exactly 6 months. Hard to believe we met as little, naive 21 year-olds. Happy birthday, boo!

Yesterday Harry and I went to Target to check out their big toy sale going on. The store we went to wasn't marked down to 70% off yet, but I found some good deals on a few things for Christmas (or maybe his birthday). This is definitely the last year we'll be able to do holiday/birthday shopping
with him! He was more interested in what was on the shelves, and didn't pay much attention to the things I placed in my cart.

One last thing, the Sky Zone giveaway winner was Lydia. Congrats! I've emailed you, Lydia, so make sure to respond so I can send the passes out to you :).

Friday, July 18, 2014

Jumping at Sky Zone + Giveaway!

Harry's very favorite thing in the world is jumping. Not even exaggerating. Jumping on the floor, in puddles, off couches, down stairs, on beds; there's nary a surface our boy hasn't jumped on. So when the nice people at the Elmhurst Sky Zone asked if we'd like to come and try out their trampolines for an afternoon, I knew we couldn't say no!

With Ant's wonky work schedule this month all three of us were able to head down early Tuesday afternoon. We got there and were immediately impressed with the facility. It's huge! As soon as we checked in, we were given special socks and told to wait in the locker area until an employee came over and gave us the Sky Zone rules.

After hearing the rules, which are pretty much what you'd expect (only one person per trampoline at a time, nothing in your pockets, etc.), we were off to the trampolines. As I said, Sky Zone is huge, and is sectioned off in to a bunch of different jump zones. Here's part of the main court.

Yes, those are trampoline walls you can jump on! Just off the main jump area is a smaller section just for toddlers. That's where we spent most of our time, as it was way less crowded than the main area (halfway through our visit a large day camp group arrived).

I don't think Harry had ever been on a trampoline before, but he took to it right away. And I can't tell you the last time I was on one, probably at least 10 years ago. We had a blast jumping around. Ant said it made him feel like a kid again and at one point Harry came up to me with the biggest smile and told me that he was having, "so much fun!"

After a while we wandered to the other zones. First stop was the trampoline basketball hoops.

Harry didn't quite make it in the basket, but had fun not getting in trouble for throwing a ball inside ;). After 5-10 minutes another group of kids came over so we made our way to the attraction Ant was most excited to try- the foam zone. Otherwise known as the big foam pit you can jump in.

I didn't try it, but the boys both said they loved it. And both got stuck on the way out of the pit. Ant lost a Sky Zone sock in the pit and the front desk was kind enough to replace it for him.

Our hour went by quickly and before we knew it, it was time to go. We had such a fun time! We're always looking for fun, family friendly activities to try and Sky Zone definitely fit the bill. The facility was extremely well maintained and the staff was very attentive and were on top of anyone who broke the rules. At one point I tripped over the floor mats and kind of did this weird roll thing on to a trampoline and landed with my legs up in the air (now there's an image for you... LOL!). I was fine, albeit embarrassed, and one of the floor supervisors ran right over to make sure I wasn't hurt.

One thing we didn't try was the Ultimate Dodgeball. There were a bunch of games going on while we were there and had we not run out of time I'm sure Ant would have tried it out.

The Elmhurst Sky Zone also offers fitness classes, birthday party packages, and starting this fall, special sessions just for home schooled kids, people with special needs, and toddlers.

And now for the fun part, a giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win 2 jump passes- good for one hour each. The passes are only good at the Elmhurst, Illinois location. So if you know someone in the Chicago area that would enjoy an afternoon of trampoline jumping, send them here! And for those not in the area, Sky Zone has locations all over the world, so there's a good chance there's one near you.

Sky Zone doesn't have any age restrictions, they say "if you can walk, you can jump!" And even if you don't have kids, I'm sure you'd have fun- and get in a good workout.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! I'll pick a winner next week.

Disclaimer: Sky Zone Elmhurst provided me with passes in exchange for this review and hosting a giveaway. I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

32 Months Old

Months 25-31 have been my favorite as a parent so far. Month 32? Not such a favorite. Harry's been tough lately. He wants to do so much on his own and gets frustrated when he can't. And he's been acting out a lot more for seemingly no reason at all. He suddenly doesn't listen well and usually ends up in time out multiple times a day.


Other than that, here's what's been going on with him.
  • Bedtimes have been going really well! After reading books and lights out, we're down to sitting with him for about a minute. I tried leaving right after turning off the light one night and he got so upset.
  • He tries to do so much by himself, it's awesome! He has to get his cheese and milk out of the fridge, he has to turn off the lights in the bathroom, and he hates when I try to help him wash his hands (FYI, we got one of these for the bathroom sink and it's awesome!).
  • Harry still doesn't eat much dinner. Macaroni and baked popcorn chicken are usually winners, but it's a struggle with most other things. Like the other night, before I started dinner he found a pouch of applesauce in my purse and asked me to open it. I said no, and that I'd be making dinner soon. I figured he was hungry, and had high hopes that he'd wolf down the gnocchi I was making. Nope. He had maybe 3 bites. Oh, and last week while Ant was at work I made him a sandwich for dinner. He thought that was pretty neat and kept saying he was eating lunch, not dinner.
  • We taught him his middle name. Whenever we ask what it is, he responds with "Top" or "Harry Top." He'll say that about 4 times before telling us what it really is... goof!
  • He's decided that pants are the devil and much prefers to just be in a shirt and diaper around the house. 
  • He's started doing this weird thing where he doesn't want us to walk next to him. Like when we're walking up to our building, when we get to the stairs he'll say, "Stay there," and get upset if we try walking up with him. When he's up the stairs he'll turn around and say, "Okay, now come!" I try not to give in to this behavior because he needs to learn to be flexible and that he won't always get his way.
  • His newest obsession... stop lights! Now that he's forward facing in his car seat, he has a good view of the road. He knows that red means stop and green means go. And that green arrows (or "air-ee-ohs" as he calls them). He still gets confused when we turn right on red, which is cute. No matter how many times we tell him it's okay as long as we're safe about it, it hasn't clicked.
  • He takes everything very literally. It's so cute! Some examples:
    • Mom/Dad says: "I gotta run to the bathroom real quick."
      Harry says: "No, you walked, not run."
    • Mom/Dad says: "Let me throw a drink in the fridge before we go."
      Harry says: "You didn't throw it."
    • Mom/Dad says (after washing his hands): "Okay, wipe your hands off now."
      Harry says: "No, that's a towel, not a wipe."

      etc., etc., etc. :)
  • Once when he was in time out, he yelled out, "Mom, I love you!" Which, was so totally cute. So I went over to give him a hug and totally forgot he was in time out. So now he uses that as a way to get out of time outs. Haha.
  • He has really good pronunciation for most things now. 2 sounds that trip him up are some L- sounds and Ja-. Most L's are replaced with W's and Ja- is usually said as a weird Dw- type sound. It's so cute!
  •  Since Harry is saying so much these days I've started writing down some of the funnier things he's said. Here's a few from the last month.
    • "I don't have a tail, I have a butt."
    • Mom: "Harry, do you have a beard?" (in reference to Dad's)
      Harry: "No, I don't have beard, I have cheeks."
    • "Mommy, do dishes and I watch Daniel Tiger."
    • Mom: "Harry, when's your birthday?"
      Harry: "Ummm.... cake."
    • Dad (after Mom sneezes): "Bee boo." (as in the way Harry used to pronounce "bless you."
      Harry: "Dad, it's not bee boo, it's bless you."
    • Mom: "Close your eyes, baby."
      Harry: "I'm not a baby, I'm Harry." 

Here are a couple pictures from our music class (with Ant's funky work schedule this month he's ben able to come with us).

We love this class! If you're in the Chicago area and have a toddler, definitely check out the Rock n' Kid classes. Harry looks forward to it all week. I'd love to sign up for another session in the fall if the class doesn't conflict with our school schedule.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Splash Pad

Ant had Monday and Tuesday off. A coworker of his is out of town so his schedule is wonky for the next couple weeks. He'll be working in the evenings Wednesday-Sunday. Worst part is he has to work on July 4th :(. We had planned on him having the day off, but he'll be working now. Boo!

Tuesday morning we took advantage of having Daddy around and went over to the splash pad. You can see how big of a growth spurt he had by looking at his bathing suit just a little over a month ago to now.

The suit will have to last the rest of the summer. Our pool was shut down by the county health department (!!), so he probably won't wear it more than a few more times.

I hope everyone has a nice 4th!
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