Monday, June 9, 2014

When in Eataly...

We had a fun weekend!

Friday afternoon Harry and I took the train to Chicago and met up with Ant at the train station. It's been nearly a year since Harry last rode the Metra, and he was so excited to go again. We sat on the top level and he stayed in his seat the whole time. He loved looking out the window and pointed out every water tower we passed (there were a bunch).

When we got downtown we hopped on a bus to Eataly, Mario Batali's market/restaurant concept. I've been wanting to go ever since it opened last year.

It was really neat! A little different than I expected it to be, but very nice. We were under the impression that the restaurants were set up "food court" style, so we could try a variety of different foods, but that wasn't totally the case. The downstairs was kind of set up like that, but it was just desserts and paninis. Upstairs there are a few sit down restaurants to choose from. We decided to try La Pizza & La Pasta. I ordered the Pappardelle con Funghi and Ant had the Quadrati con Ricotta e Spinaci.

Both were delicious! Mine was pretty traditional, but Ant's was really unique. At least to me it was. The lemon butter sauce was very sweet and not something I would think to pair with pasta, but it worked. Harry didn't want to try either pasta. He had some bread with olive oil along with some raisins I brought with me. I fed him lunch at home so Eataly was an afternoon snack.

After paying the bill we walked around a little before going back downstairs for dessert. Ant ordered some gelato while Harry and I headed straight for the Nutella bar. That's right, Nutella bar. We shared a croissant and enjoyed every bite. It was heaven!

Once we were done at Eataly we made our way back to Ant's work, where our car was parked. We stopped in his office for a minute to grab his things before heading home for the day.

 Friday night I canned some homemade applesauce. It was my first time canning. I was nervous it wouldn't turn out right, but I think it did. We'll see when I give some to Harry for lunch today. I also started watching the newest season of Orange is the New Black (SOOO GOOD! I finished it all by Sunday night).

Saturday I packed up a bunch of stuff to take to Once Upon a Child. The store was having a one day clearance blowout and was insanely crowded when we got there. We dropped off the stuff to sell and went across the street to Nordstrom. I wanted to get a new eyeliner. To kill some time before going back to OUAC we got some TCBY- since when did they stop selling their white chocolate mousse?

OUAC took a lot of our stuff and paid us $40. We decided to use the money as store credit and even with everything we picked out, the store still gave us $9 cash to take all this out of the store. Sweet!

Saturday night I did some more canning. Strawberry jam. I hope to do a little post about canning soon, it's pretty cool!

Sunday we didn't do much until the late afternoon, when we went to get Harry's hair cut. He's been asking to get one for a couple weeks. He really doesn't like his hair long.

I had her go a little shorter than we normally do. Should last until school starts in September. I have a love/hate relationship with getting Harry's hair cut. He looks so cute afterwards, but he also looks so much older!

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

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