Monday, June 2, 2014

Rose Festival 2014

Friday night the annual Rose Festival rolled in to town. It's hard to believe this is our fourth year in a row going. (2011, 2012, 2013) We've always had a good time, but this was the funnest year yet!

We walked over around dinnertime and headed straight for the food. Harry and I split a chicken quesadilla and Ant opted for a slice o' pizza. I look forward to those quesadillas all year, they're the best! They sell them at the Taste of Roselle, so I'm now anxiously awaiting for August.

After we finished eating we walked around the carnival and tried to find a ride we thought Harry would like. We ended up running in to one of the families from preschool, and when Harry saw his friend on the car ride he knew he had to go on it too.

To say Harry loved his first carnival ride is a total understatement. He love love loved it. So much so he got to ride it twice. He loved steering the wheel and was yelling "beep beep!" the whole time. The giant Fun Slide also caught Harry's attention, so Ant took him down that. To round out the night Ant and I each took a turn on the tilt-a-whirl.

Ant also threw a couple darts at a wall of balloons to try and win Harry a prize. He missed big time on the first try, but walked away with a blue stuffed monkey on the second.

Sunday afternoon we went back over for a quick lunch. We ended up seeing the same family from our preschool again, how funny! Harry, his classmate and her little brother rode the car ride together.

After the ride we made our way over to the Bingo tent to play a quick game. Now, Ant and I have been going to our two local summer festivals for four years now. And we've played Bingo just about every time. Yesterday there were hardly any Bingo players so we had a good chance of breaking our loosing streak.

I did it! Woo! I won a $4 game, but another player called Bingo at the same time so we had to split the prize.

I spent my winnings on another round before we walked home just as it started to rain.

Hope your Monday's off to a great start!

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