Sunday, June 8, 2014

31 Months Old

I fully recognize how ridiculous it is to continue to age my 2.5 year old in months, but I'm all about keeping things consistent. If I still do these posts after his 3rd birthday I'll probably change the way I title them (OCD, much?).


(Harry woke up with his eye all puffy Saturday morning. Not sure how it happened, just hope it gets better soon!)
Lots of notes this month. He is at such a great age, I want to be sure to remember as much as possible!

  • He's really becoming a little boy. He's so much more independent now than even a few weeks ago. He has a very good understanding of the world around him and can carry on conversations with us. 
  • He loves putting on his flip flops by himself. He figured out which shoe goes on which foot really fast.
  • We switched Harry to size 6 overnight diapers. He was leaking through the size 5s pretty frequently, even though he goes potty pretty much every night before bed. The 6s are huge, but do the job. Size 5s are still fine during the day.
  • And on that note, a little update on potty training. He goes on the potty about 2 times a day. Before naps and before bedtime. Sometimes he'll agree to go more, but the past couple weeks  he's only gone the two times. And it's always just #1. Once he starts doing #2 in the potty we'll start getting more serious about ditching the diapers. I don't see a need to rush things if he isn't ready, so we're just taking it slow. He'll get there eventually!
  • We got rid of all our baby gates. We had 3. Two blocking off the kitchen and one blocking off the bedrooms and bathrooms. I love having them off and it hasn't been an issue.
  • Lately whenever we've asked to hold his hand (like in a parking lot or crowded area) he responds with, "No, hold Harry's hand!" So he holds his own hands, haha. It's so cute. And I'll usually grab his arm to keep him safe.
  • I've mentioned this before, but Harry sings nonstop! He knows all the Daniel Tiger songs, some Top 40 songs and a bunch of nursery rhymes.
  • Throwing has become an issue again. He'd been good about it for a long time, too! We usually give a warning the first time he throws something, and then he'll get a time out if he does it again.
  • Harry is obsessed with water towers. We've got a big one in our neighborhood and if he randomly thinks about it, he'll run to the window to make sure it's still there.
  • We've been taking little rides around the block a lot this spring. Harry has a push bike thing he loves to ride. We always have to stop to admire the water tower and wait for any trains to pass by.
  • He calls mustard "yellow ketchup."
  • Sleeping in his own room is still going really well. I'm still shocked at how easy the transition was! I've noticed with sleeping in his own room he naps longer and sleeps a little less at night. Getting up earlier has taken some getting used to.go
  • He thinks thunder and rain are really cool. 
  • Another thing he really loves is superheros. He runs around the living room yelling, "I'm Super Harry! To the rescue! Zoom! Zoom!"

Those "shorts" are really 0-3 month jeans! They're tight, but work in a pinch on laundry day

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