Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cosley Zoo

Saturday afternoon the boys and I drove down to Wheaton, my hometown. It's not far, but we haven't been down that way in a long time. We went to visit Cosley Zoo, which is a small animal park run by the park district (it was just a farm when I was a kid).

The zoo doesn't have a ton of animals but we had a fun time walking around. It was pretty rainy last week so it was nice to get outside for a bit. We visited the barn first, which was filled with goats, sheep, cows, mini horses, llamas and donkeys. The goats were being really loud and kind of spooked Harry. But once we got to the donkey pen he was a happy camper and loved seeing one of them poke his nose through the fence right next to us.

Harry's favorite animals of the day were the pigs. He always oinks and the pigs at the zoo were oinking like crazy. He could have stayed at their exhibit all day!

Here are a bunch of pictures from Cosley Zoo.

Wheaton's very own Li'l Sebastian!

A bobcat, which ares surprisingly small, and their tails are so short

Funny potty training book I found in the gift shop

As we we were walking to the car Ant suggested we go to downtown Wheaton instead of heading straight home. The Popcorn Shop was one of my favorite places as a kid, so it was neat to introduce it to Harry. The shop is literally an ally with a roof over it. Filled with shelves of candies and a popcorn maker in the back. A kid's paradise!

Edible Styrofoam discs- a favorite from back in the day!

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