Thursday, May 8, 2014

30 Months Old

Also known as... two and a half! Yep, Harry is officially halfway to three (eeek!).


Lots of new developments this month...

  • The biggest of which is potty training! Harry first went on the potty on April 21st and has gone at least once every day since. We're taking it slow for now as he has no interest in going #2 in the potty yet. When he first started going we were doing M&Ms as a reward, but after a few days I made a potty chart. After he fills it up half way he gets to pick out a book and when it's completely full he'll be able to pick out a toy at the store. A few times I forgot to give him a sticker and he is very good at reminding me!

  • We also tried getting him into his own bed again. You might recall we tried to stop cosleeping last summer, which failed miserably. We decided to approach it differently this time, so a few weeks ago we moved Harry's mattress to our bedroom. Thinking it wouldn't be too difficult to get him on his own bed if mom and dad were just an arm's length away. Ha! Ha ha ha! He is one stubborn kid and it hasn't gone the way we hoped. Harry has fallen asleep in his bed a few times, but all but once has ended up in our bed by the middle of the night. I'm kind of at a loss for what to do now.
  • He's finally starting to get in to movies. We bought him Planes for Christmas and watched it in March or February. He couldn't have cared less about it then. The past month we've watched Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., The Little Mermaid and half of The Lion King (I think we were going somewhere so we had to turn it off). He loved all of them, but his favorite by far is Finding Nemo. He doesn't sit still through the whole movie, but he gets the gist of the plots.
  • Funny story of the month: Ant IMs me one morning saying he had my debit card; he found it in his coat pocket on his walk to the train. I hadn't given it to him, but the day before Harry had been playing by where I keep my purse. So I'm guessing he took the card out and stuck it in Ant's pocket. We got a good chuckle out of it and were thankful that he didn't hide it somewhere I never would have thought to look for it!
  • Harry's always loved cars and trucks, and this past month he's been really obsessed with garbage trucks. He knows the sound they make and the days them come to our condo. He loves watching them pick up the dumpster and thinks the trucks eat the garbage, ha!
  • He's in that phase where he loves to say good bye to everything when we leave. He mostly does it with his toys, but my favorite it when he does it to the car. He always says, "Bye, our car!" So freaking cute :). 
  • Eating for the most part this month has been the same as last month. He eats a large breakfast and lunch and hardly touches dinner. I hate sending him to bed on an empty stomach, but he needs to learn I'm not a short order cook that'll make him macaroni every night. I think it set in this week, though, knock on wood! The past few nights he's been pretty good about eating dinner and sitting at the table while we all eat.
  • Speaking of dinner... Ant and I have a long running inside joke about the Capital Grille. Anytime he asks what I want for dinner I say I want Capital Grille (we went once when I was pregnant). Harry picked up on that and he'll now say he wants Capital Grill for dinner, even though he has no idea what it is. Sometimes he'll ask me what I want for dinner, then point to me and yell, "CAPITAL GRILLE!"
  • I think I've mentioned this before, but Harry continues to impress me with his awesome memory. I'd always heard that kids don't remember much at this age, but he really seems to. The other day he told me about the one time, back in January, that Ant worked at home (because of the bad snowstorms). Harry recalled it in great detail, remembering where Ant sat (at my craft table in his room), what he was doing (working on his emails at the computer) and even what he was eating (potato chips). We were looking through one of his Shutterfly books and he recognized Yu Kids Island (haven't been there since January) and Legoland (only went once last October). He also remembers everything about every Daniel Tiger episode ever.


  1. If he likes Garbage Trucks, you should check out this book (if he doesn't have it already) - it's one of Charlie's favorites!

    1. Oh, how fun! I think he'd love that! Thanks for the suggestion, Michelle!


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