Saturday, April 19, 2014

Zoo Trip

Last Friday we took our first, of what will hopefully be many, trip to the Brookfield Zoo of the year. We bought a 15 month membership a few weeks ago and had been waiting for the perfect day to go. Ant took the train right from work, and after a much longer than expected drive, we met up about 2:30.

Harry took a nice long nap in the car, so I was expecting him to be the wonderful, well-behaved boy I know he can be. Ha! Not quite. He wanted nothing to do with his stroller almost from the beginning, so we fought him on that the whole trip. And he didn't want to hold our hands. He either wanted to push the stroller (without our help), or be carried. At one point I gave him a little bag of fruit snacks which kept him content in the stroller for a solid 10 minutes.

The highlight of the trip for me was seeing the dolphins. We've been to the zoo a bunch of times the last couple years and I always try to see their exhibit because dolphins are my favorite animal. But they're never super active in the underwater viewing area. Friday was a different story and it was amazing to watch them all! I'd love to see one of the dolphin shows but I'm not sure Harry would sit through it.

Dragons were the number one animal to see on Harry's list. Unfortunately for him, we didn't run in to any. But, he really enjoyed seeing the tigers, bears and especially the giraffes.

I brought my camera but didn't end up taking many pictures because Harry was being such a handful. Here are a few I did take.

Have a great weekend! And Happy Easter to those celebrating tomorrow!

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