Tuesday, April 8, 2014

29 Months

I didn't take too many notes this month, but here are a few things about my nearly two and a half year old.

  • He sings the ABCs all day long. He knows all the letters but when singing he tends to skip a bunch in the middle.
  • Basically, he loves all songs. Aside from the ABCs, his favorite song of all time is What Does the Fox Say? Ya, that viral video everyone forgot about 5 months ago? We still watch the video once a day. 
  • Last week Harry was running around singing "I will wait for you!" Which I thought was maybe a Daniel Tiger song or something. He said it was from the car, so after going over every song we'd heard on the radio earlier that day, I figured out he was singing that Mumford and Sons song. So now we watch that video once a day, too.
  • One thing that's been frustrating this month is Harry's eating schedule. He eats a big breakfast and lunch and has been asking for snacks all day long. I try to distract him so he's not always asking for food, but he's definitely been going through a growth spurt so I get that he's probably really hungry. Yesterday he was begging for lunch at 9:30am! Dinner, however, is a different story. He hardly ever eats more than a few bites of dinner, regardless of what I make. 
  • Harry has become very particular about the collars on his pajamas. He's just like his daddy in that way. They both love tight collars around their necks and will even bunch the collar up under their chin to make it even tighter. Weird, but whatever!
  • An update on potty training. In short, he's still not really interested. We had a cute potty book, a cute potty, and cute underwear. We read the book all the time and he's sat on the potty a bunch. But nothing yet. However, the second time I put him in a pair of underwear he told me right away when his pants got wet, so that was progress from the first time. 

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