Saturday, March 8, 2014

28 Months

It's that time again, Harry's another month older. Here's what's been going on with him this month.

  • He's been very imaginative this month! He enjoys pretending to be different animals. He'll scratch on Pearl's post and lick his arm and hop up and down like a frog. During the Olympics he loved imitating the ice skaters, skiers and snowboarders. 
  • Harry loves to "cheers" us with his drinks every day. He'll clink our cups a few times each meal.
  • Sentences are the norm in his vocabulary now. They're still all very simple but he says things like, "we're home now," "turn on Daniel Tiger," one more time," and "this is for Daddy." 
  • Harry can pull his pants on and off all by himself. He did it for the first time a couple weekends ago. We were all watching TV in the living room and Harry sneaked behind the couch and quietly changed his pants for a different pair he found in the laundry basket I'd yet to put away. We got the biggest laugh once we discovered what he'd done!
  • Speaking of pants... pockets are a big favorite now. We've caught him using his diaper as a pocket if his pants don't have any. Ant even found a dime in his diaper once, haha! 
  • And speaking of money... finding coins is definitely a highlight of Harry's day. Whenever he gets one he yells "piggy bank!" until we go to his room and make a deposit. He even knows that Mommy and Daddy collect the quarters for laundry money and that they go in a different bank.
  • He's opened a few doors on his own this past month.
  • One really exciting thing that happened this month, we got rid of the high chair! Harry's been fighting with it for a while and constantly requested to sit in a big chair. He was okay eating breakfast and lunch in the big chair and dinner in the high chair for a while, but this past week he got really frustrated at dinner time. So, I took off the high chair and so far so good. He's really good about sitting still for his full meal at breakfast and lunch, but is having trouble getting through dinner without getting up. It's only been a few days, so we just try to direct him back to his seat.
  • Harry seems to just have noticed my hair. And that my hair is long and fun to pull. Ouch! He never did it much as a baby, and when he did it obviously was just an instinct, whereas now he does it on purpose. I hate wearing my hair in a ponytail, and the one day I did he still managed to pull it! 
  • He's also started screaming when he gets frustrated or doesn't get his way. Normal toddler behavior, but it is frustrating to me, too. 
  • Last month I mentioned how the only celebrity he knows is President Obama. This month he picked up on Jimmy Fallon, Steve Harvey and Ellen. Kid has something for NBC talk show hosts, I guess!
  • And the most exciting thing that happened this month... we signed up for preschool! He'll be going 2 mornings a week starting in the fall. I'm nervous, but excited for Harry at the same time. I think it'll be really good for him. 

Found the cookie cutters I put away until Christmas :)

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