Friday, March 28, 2014

Cheesy Boy

Harry was feelin' the camera yesterday. Much to my chagrin, I haven't been taking many pictures of him lately because he'll get upset as soon as I pull out the camera. I want Harry to have a healthy relationship with taking pictures (as in not hating but also not being obsessed with them), so I've really tried to bring the camera out less and respect his wishes when he's not in the mood.

However, yesterday after breakfast Harry started giving me his goofy smile and kept saying, "cheese!" I pulled out my camera and he got crazy excited. He started across the room from me and would pose, walk a few feet forward, pose, walk a few feet forward, pose, and so on. So funny!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Happy Friday!

Friday, March 14, 2014


Oh little neglected blog of mine, I miss you!

With the horrible winter we've had we haven't done much outside of the house. We're all a little stir crazy because of it! The weather has been nicer this week (high near 50 degrees today!) but the boys have been battling the sniffles. Harry had to miss his preschool class this week, he was so bummed about it! But keeping him and his faucet of a nose home was the right choice.

As far as what's been keeping me from blogging so much, a little of this and a little of that. I've been really in to cross stitching lately. It's a very time consuming hobby! I learned the craft when I was in elementary school- I remember attempting to stitch up a bookmark with my name on it in purple floss, but didn't really get in to it until this year. I love it!

I'm also going to start sewing a shower curtain. I don't think I ever mentioned it, but I got a sewing machine for Christmas. I haven't used it yet and am so excited to start on it's inaugural project. It's going to be a patchwork design, and I already have all the squares cut out.

One thing I've been terrible with though has been taking pictures. I normally take tons of pictures every month. My March folder has just 2 pictures in it so far- the ones from Harry's 28 month update.

Since I've been so bad with pictures, here are a couple silly selfies Harry and I took at the end of February.

Have a great Friday!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

28 Months

It's that time again, Harry's another month older. Here's what's been going on with him this month.

  • He's been very imaginative this month! He enjoys pretending to be different animals. He'll scratch on Pearl's post and lick his arm and hop up and down like a frog. During the Olympics he loved imitating the ice skaters, skiers and snowboarders. 
  • Harry loves to "cheers" us with his drinks every day. He'll clink our cups a few times each meal.
  • Sentences are the norm in his vocabulary now. They're still all very simple but he says things like, "we're home now," "turn on Daniel Tiger," one more time," and "this is for Daddy." 
  • Harry can pull his pants on and off all by himself. He did it for the first time a couple weekends ago. We were all watching TV in the living room and Harry sneaked behind the couch and quietly changed his pants for a different pair he found in the laundry basket I'd yet to put away. We got the biggest laugh once we discovered what he'd done!
  • Speaking of pants... pockets are a big favorite now. We've caught him using his diaper as a pocket if his pants don't have any. Ant even found a dime in his diaper once, haha! 
  • And speaking of money... finding coins is definitely a highlight of Harry's day. Whenever he gets one he yells "piggy bank!" until we go to his room and make a deposit. He even knows that Mommy and Daddy collect the quarters for laundry money and that they go in a different bank.
  • He's opened a few doors on his own this past month.
  • One really exciting thing that happened this month, we got rid of the high chair! Harry's been fighting with it for a while and constantly requested to sit in a big chair. He was okay eating breakfast and lunch in the big chair and dinner in the high chair for a while, but this past week he got really frustrated at dinner time. So, I took off the high chair and so far so good. He's really good about sitting still for his full meal at breakfast and lunch, but is having trouble getting through dinner without getting up. It's only been a few days, so we just try to direct him back to his seat.
  • Harry seems to just have noticed my hair. And that my hair is long and fun to pull. Ouch! He never did it much as a baby, and when he did it obviously was just an instinct, whereas now he does it on purpose. I hate wearing my hair in a ponytail, and the one day I did he still managed to pull it! 
  • He's also started screaming when he gets frustrated or doesn't get his way. Normal toddler behavior, but it is frustrating to me, too. 
  • Last month I mentioned how the only celebrity he knows is President Obama. This month he picked up on Jimmy Fallon, Steve Harvey and Ellen. Kid has something for NBC talk show hosts, I guess!
  • And the most exciting thing that happened this month... we signed up for preschool! He'll be going 2 mornings a week starting in the fall. I'm nervous, but excited for Harry at the same time. I think it'll be really good for him. 

Found the cookie cutters I put away until Christmas :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Oscar Fashions

You guys know that I enjoy award show fashion. It's fun to see the pretty dresses on the red carpet. What you probably don't know, as I just realized last night, is that my husband is even more excited for it. Seriously. We were watching the E! coverage and he kept commentating on the dresses he liked (Jennifer Lawrence) versus the ones he didn't like (Julia Roberts). Although he still has a bit to learn about fashion, Ant thought I made the word peplum :).

Anyways, here are my best and worst of the night.

All photos from this post.


Bette Middler
Bette Midler

Miss M looked simply divine last night in this dress. Well tailored, age appropriate and beautifully crafted. Can't go wrong with that! I thought the dress she wore on stage was lovely, too.

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

How cool was that cape? I imagined Margot Robbie wearing something like this, but fortunately for Kate, Margot opted to dye her hair (a few shades too dark if you ask me) and wore just an okay dress. I'm kinda loving the 80's shoulder pad look!

Camilla Alves
Camilla Alves

She wore a lot of dress, but it juxtaposed structure and flowy-ness just right so that it worked for me. And the light peachy-pink color looked amazing against her skin color.

Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita Nyong'o

Not nearly as eye-catching as her Golden Globes dress, but this was lovely none-the-less. Very Cinderella-esque, especially with the headband and large earrings!


Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick

There weren't any huge fashion crimes committed last night, but Anna's came close for me. I kind of like the top of the dress, but from the mid drift down, it's a mess. Her makeup was lovely, though.

Jennifer Lawrence 
Jennifer Lawrence

She was Ant's best dressed, but I really didn't care for the side peplum's on J-Law's dress. Her and I don't usually see eye to eye on fashion. Which is a shame, because I really like her! I did like her necklace a whole lot, so that's something positive.

Like I said, there weren't a whole lot of misses at last night's Oscars. The biggest blunder of the night was when John Travolta called the incomparable Idina Menzel "Adele Dazim." WTF??!?

Who were your hits and misses at last night's Oscar's? 
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