Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mixa, Mixa, Mixa!

It truly is the most rewarding thing in life to watch your child grow and learn new things. Harry's brain  is like a sponge these days; just soaking up information left and right. And to be able to help them cultivate new interests? That's heart exploding awesomeness right there. Off the charts amazing.

Thanks to our good friend Daniel Tiger, Harry recently became curious about baking. The Land of Make Believe's baker, Baker Aker, is one of Harry's favorite characters on the show and he loves watching the gang whip up a batch of pancakes or a loaf of bread. Harry cheerfully yells, "mixa, mixa, mixa!" along with the characters when they're preparing a recipe. 

I've been wanting to introduce Harry to cooking and baking for a while, but he just hasn't seemed interested, until he figured out Baker Aker. So, yesterday I gathered up some ingredients and asked Harry if he wanted to be like Baker Aker. He answered with a big ol' "YEAHHHH!" 

I had ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, so that's what we made.

Harry got a kick out of pouring in the dry ingredients. Things got a little messy, but that's half the fun when baking with a toddler.

He was quite content with stirring, but kept trying to eat the butter sticks. When he first saw me pull them out of the fridge he thought they were french fries, LOL! 

He poured the chocolate chips in the bowl, and then put them back in the measuring cup so he could pour them out again. Stealing a few morsels along the way, of course.

After everything was all mixed together I let him have a couple small bites of the cookie dough. Yeah, yeah yeah... raw eggs. But it's totally a childhood right of passage to eat raw cookie dough. Eating the dough was always my favorite part of baking when I was little.

That's his goofy "cheese!" smile. I love it. 

Our cookies didn't turn out very pretty, but they tasted just fine. And more importantly, we had a lot of fun making them together. Mixa, mixa, mixa!

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