Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mixa, Mixa, Mixa!

It truly is the most rewarding thing in life to watch your child grow and learn new things. Harry's brain  is like a sponge these days; just soaking up information left and right. And to be able to help them cultivate new interests? That's heart exploding awesomeness right there. Off the charts amazing.

Thanks to our good friend Daniel Tiger, Harry recently became curious about baking. The Land of Make Believe's baker, Baker Aker, is one of Harry's favorite characters on the show and he loves watching the gang whip up a batch of pancakes or a loaf of bread. Harry cheerfully yells, "mixa, mixa, mixa!" along with the characters when they're preparing a recipe. 

I've been wanting to introduce Harry to cooking and baking for a while, but he just hasn't seemed interested, until he figured out Baker Aker. So, yesterday I gathered up some ingredients and asked Harry if he wanted to be like Baker Aker. He answered with a big ol' "YEAHHHH!" 

I had ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, so that's what we made.

Harry got a kick out of pouring in the dry ingredients. Things got a little messy, but that's half the fun when baking with a toddler.

He was quite content with stirring, but kept trying to eat the butter sticks. When he first saw me pull them out of the fridge he thought they were french fries, LOL! 

He poured the chocolate chips in the bowl, and then put them back in the measuring cup so he could pour them out again. Stealing a few morsels along the way, of course.

After everything was all mixed together I let him have a couple small bites of the cookie dough. Yeah, yeah yeah... raw eggs. But it's totally a childhood right of passage to eat raw cookie dough. Eating the dough was always my favorite part of baking when I was little.

That's his goofy "cheese!" smile. I love it. 

Our cookies didn't turn out very pretty, but they tasted just fine. And more importantly, we had a lot of fun making them together. Mixa, mixa, mixa!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Harry is starting to get the concept of friends- he loves talking about Elmo's friend Mr. Noodle and the gang on Daniel Tiger- so I thought I'd share a picture of Harry and one of his best buddies.

Crazy hair!

How cute are they? Harry loves standing up on Pearl's perch and hugging her (don't worry, Ant is just out of frame making sure he doesn't fall). Pearl is really understanding with him and reciprocates the affection most of the time.

Hope you all have a nice Wednesday, we're going stir crazy over here, with the below freezing temperatures and a couple runny noses, we haven't made it out much this past week (or year, really). Spring can't come fast enough!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

27 Months Old


Here's what's been going on with Harry the past month.

  • School! We attend our park district's parent-toddler preschool class once a week. Harry just loves it and we're thinking about signing up for real preschool in the fall. This class's curriculum is similar to the independent preschool classes, but the parents participate along with the kids. Some of the activities: crafts, ABCs, jumping/counting song, maracas, ribbon dancers, animal book, hula hoops, and Harry's favorite so far, parachute games.
  • Throwing has been a huge issue this month. If you have any suggestions on how to help curb this behavior, I'm all ears! He throws any and everything he can get his hands on. He will even look at me sometimes and say, "I throw it," before chucking whatever he's holding across the room. Ugh! 
  • Harry has made great strides with speech this past month. He says full sentences all the time now, I'm so proud of him!
  • Aside from the characters on the TV shows he likes, the only other celebrity he recognizes is President Obama. He calls him "Omama," and points him out every time he sees him.
  • 2 new foods we've tried this month: almond milk and sunbutter. We get the Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk and Harry could drink gallons and gallons of the stuff. He still get's regular cow's milk a few times a week as well, but I think he likes the almond milk better. He's had one sunbutter sandwich so far and I think he liked it, he ate a majority of it. With lots of schools these days banning peanuts I thought it'd be a good idea to introduce a peanut butter alternative just in case he can't take it for lunch when he gets older. Other foods he's loving lately: pineapples, raw broccoli with hummus, ketchup (he thought pasta sauce was ketchup last week, and I totally let him believe that so he'd eat his dinner!), lima beans, raisins, quesadillas, chicken and yogurt.
  • Harry is starting to learn the days of the week. He's known about our Tuesday morning classes for a while (see this IG video), and he now knows other days of the week, and what activities we have. He doesn't know all the days or the order, but it's so adorable to hear him talk about them.
  • I've finally figured out how to take a shower while Ant's at work. I usually shower after dinner but lately I've been turning on Daniel Tiger or Super Why in our bedroom which keeps him occupied for 10 minutes. It's been working well so far and now I don't have to deal with freezing cold water like I do when I take a shower after Harry's bath in the evenings :)
Found him lying on our table playing with his Magna Doodle the other day- had to snap a picture :)

He runs in the closet and shuts the doors as soon as we go in his room
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