Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Recap

Hello, all! I'm sorry I've been MIA for over a week. I've been dealing with a nasty, soul-crushing bout of strep throat since the day after Christmas. I went to the doctor on Monday and I finally started feeling a tiny bit better by Tuesday night, just to turn around and feel yucky again yesterday morning. By last night I was almost feeling downright good though, finally! Hoping that I'm on the mend so that our household can get back to normal. 

Even though this is so late I still wanted to publish our Christmas recap for our memories. I started writing it Christmas night when I wasn't feeling great, but before my sickness really hit.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday! Ours was very nice. Santa was very good to all three of us this year.

I feel like every 2 year old I know got a play kitchen for Christmas this year, and Harry was no exception. Santa knows our boy well as it was far and away his favorite present.

It's a small play kitchen, but it'll fit perfectly next to our TV once we take the tree down. It didn't come with any food so I made some felt fruit and veggies to start.

Next I think I want to make him some felt kiwis, his current favorite fruit. Harry poured us at least 20 cups of coffee on Christmas and washed his hands close to a dozen times, it was so fun watching him pretending like that. Moments like those make all the not-so-fun parenting moments worth it.

After all the present opening was done we watched Elf and ate an early lunch. Around 2:30 we hopped in the car and drove up to my grandma's. We hung out at her house for a bit before heading out to a steakhouse for dinner. I went crazy and ordered a filet mignon, something I haven't done since I was pregnant. We had a nice, leisurely dinner and Harry was well behaved for the most part. He even tried a few bites of calamari.

We ended up leaving straight from the restaurant because it was snowing pretty hard- something we had not anticipated at all. It took us over an hour to get home (usually its' about a 40 minute drive).

The day after Christmas we went up to my dad and stepmom's for another small celebration. They got Harry some awesome gifts including a set of 100+ pieces of play food to go with the new kitchen.

...And then I spent the next several days in bed feeling miserable and psychically unable to swallow solid foods. Fun!


  1. Ahhh, such a cute kitchen set! I am looking forward to my kids having something like that too because I LOVED mine when I was growing up. I was very upset when we gave it away when I was in high school! Your felt fruit and veggies are also great! I like the idea of having the kiddies play with healthy food options.

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