Wednesday, January 8, 2014

26 Months

I hope you all are staying warm! The past few days have been brutal. Ant's company put him up in a hotel Sunday night so he wouldn't have to deal with the train early Monday morning (trains always run late when it's so cold) and he worked from home yesterday.


Harry is now 26 months old, and here are some new things going on with him.
  • PBS Kids is like the greatest thing ever in his eyes. We watch Daniel Tiger and Super Why! most days. Daniel Tiger is pretty cute, it's based on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I don't like Super Why! that much, but it's very educational. The show is all about spelling and reading and Harry loves pointing out all the letters on the screen. Both shows are also on Netflix if you're interested.
  • He knows how to use technology way too well. I try to keep my tablet out of his reach, but he finds it at least once a day and loves taking pictures with it. He also likes to help me play Candy Crush. He calls all the striped candies AT&Ts, haha! No idea how he learned the AT&T logo, we don't use them at all. 
  • He loves cleaning with paper towels. He thinks it's so fun! He's constantly asking for one and will wipe down tables and chairs. 
  • Harry is becoming fiercely independent. He says "I do it!" all the time. He gets upset if we open his little box of raisins or pull string cheese out of the plastic wrapper.
  • He also uses third person a lot. Mostly when he wants to read a book himself. Which he does really well! Obviously he doesn't actually read, but he knows the general story line of a bunch of books.
  • He asks "why" a lot. In the typical "why...why....why" fashion. Too funny.
  • He likes to make Ant and I kiss and hug before bed lots of nights. 
Here are some of the other pictures I took of Harry playing in the snow before Christmas. Hopefully this polar vortex eases up so we can play out there again soon!

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