Monday, December 2, 2013

'Tis the Season

Happy December! Hard to believe it's Christmas time already, I feel like we were just outside playing in our shorts and flip flops.

Those days are a distant memory now and we fully embraced the holiday season on Saturday. First on the agenda was a Christmas concert at the Roselle Public Library featuring local musician Tom Malouf and his daughter, Beth. Roselle's very own Rose Queen even showed up to spread some Christmas cheer (she wore the most amazing Dorthy-esque sparkly red shoes!).

The event got quite crowded and Harry was running around with the other kids the whole time. He loved it!

The concert lasted for about 45 minutes, and then it was time to watch Santa arrive. Everyone went outside to wait for Santa's arrival to Roselle. Instead of a sleigh Santa rode in on a blaring firetruck. I think he took a joy ride around downtown first because we were outside for at least 10 minutes hearing his sirens and the firehouse is right next door to the library. For those just driving by that must have been fun to see!

Both Ant and I were really hopeful Harry'd be willing to sit with Santa this year. He knows who he is and loves pointing him out whenever he sees him in a picture or on TV. He was so psyched to meet him Saturday, too. All morning he kept talking about the jolly man in red.

Actually meeting Santa was a totally different story...

It was well past nap time at that point so his tiredness probably had something to do with him not wanting to sit on Santa's lap. Better luck next year maybe.

We quickly booked it home when we were done and put Harry right to sleep. After a refreshing nap I turned on some Christmas music and we got ready to decorate our Christmas tree!

Harry was first to put his new ornaments up.

I think he had a fun time putting the ornaments on the tree, although he probably had more fun pulling them off and throwing them.

Here's the finished tree.

Our little Christmas tree has definitely seen better days, it's at least 13 years old! One of the feet is missing so we have it resting on a stack of books. It's really unstable, hence why we kept it in the play yard. We'd like to get a new one for next year, so we'll probably go out looking for sales the day after Christmas.

As far as other decorations go, we will be working on them throughout the week. I bought a couple little craft kits for Harry to help me with. Should be fun!

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