Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Bucket List

It's no secret that I hate the cold, and this December has been brutal. I'm usually depressed around this time of year, but I have been determined to prevent that this time around. With Harry able to understand the whole concept of Christmas now(to an extent) it's been easy to turn my winter attitude around.

Earlier this month we created a family Christmas Bucket List. Which is basically a list of Christmas-themed activities we wanted to do.

Here's a breakdown of everything we've crossed off so far.

1. Drink hot coco. Haven't done this one yet. We were hoping to go to a Christmas light display about an hour away and drink hot coco then, but it hasn't worked out yet. I might just grab some Starbucks hot cocos today or tomorrow for us to enjoy at home. I'm curious to see how Harry likes a hot drink, he's never had one. Though he's always very curious about my coffee in the morning.

2. Play in the snow. We've had an unusually snowy December so there's been plenty of opportunities to play in the snow. It's also been really cold and Harry had a fever last week so we weren't sure if we'd get the chance to knock this one off the list. Fortunately yesterday temperatures were up a little so we bundled Harry up and played in the snow a little. His snowsuit fits him perfectly right now, he looked so freaking cute traipsing around out there! I took a bunch of cute pictures so if I have time I'm going to do a separate post, but here are a couple for now.

3. Decorate Christmas cookies. 

I made our cookies from scratch (using this awesome recipe) the night before we decorated. I think Harry decorated two cookies, which he promptly ate.

The recipe makes a ton of cookies so the next day Harry and I took some over to my dad's.

4. Donate to Toys for Tots. Giving is important all year long, but especially at Christmastime (IMO). And it doesn't get much easier than dropping toys in a box at the library- where we go every week anyways. We picked out a few small toys to donate and I explained to Harry who they were for, although I doubt the concept will sink in for a few years.

5. Complete 5 Christmas crafts. I picked what I thought would be a manageable number, but we've done way more. We've made construction paper Christmas trees, cut out snowflakes, a foam igloo, a sticker gingerbread house diorama thing, salt dough Santa ornaments, and garlands to name a few. Oh, and we have an advent calendar where every day Harry gets to put a pom pom on a penguin's belly.

6. Open a present on Christmas Eve. Obviously this one hasn't happened yet, as I'm posting this before the 24th. Opening a gift the night before Christmas was a family tradition I had growing up and I'm excited to start it with Harry this year.

7. Make reindeer food. I've seen a lot of different recipes for reindeer food, but we kept it super simple this year: old-fashioned oats and glitter. Pour into a jar and shake. It got a little messy, but that's half the fun!

On Christmas Eve we'll sprinkle some on our patio so Santa's reindeer can find our house. Kind of a new take on leaving a carrot out for Rudolph. I like it :).

8. Watch a Christmas movie. We tried watching a Mickey Christmas special on Netflix and Frosty the Snowman on the DVR. Neither of which kept Harry's attention for more than 10 minutes. I'm thinking Daniel Tiger needs to come out with a holiday special- he would be interested in that for sure. But, we did all go to the Yo Gabba Gabba Christmas concert, so I guess that could count.

So that's, it, our Christmas Bucket List in a (long) nutshell. I had plans on getting an Elf on a Shelf this year but Ant scoffed at the $30 price tag so I tabled the idea. It is expensive for a little 12 inch doll, but it looks like a lot of fun. Not sure if I could come up with 24 ideas of where to hide him though, if we get one next year I might just do the week before Christmas or something.

What was on your Christmas Bucket List this year????

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