Tuesday, December 3, 2013

3rd Anniversary

Happy 3rd anniversary to my hubby!

I'm not one for mushy sentiments, but I'm happy to call him mine and am thankful for everything he does for our family.

I ordered his gift last week but it hasn't arrived yet... bummer! According to the UPS website it should be here by the end of the day today. So he'll still get a present on our actual anniversary, I just probably won't get the chance to wrap it.

Ant surprised me last night with more Ferrero Rocher candies than anyone should ever eat.

Although I'm sure I'll have no problem finishing off the box :). I love all 3 flavors, but the coconut one is my favorite. Which used to be called Ferrero Garden, and are now Raffaello. As long as they still taste good!

We want to go out to celebrate sometime, but we've got a busy schedule this month so who knows when that'll happen.

Here's to year three.... and many more!

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